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Emptiness Clearing and Healing Session 90 Minutes


If you are going through one of those times in life where you are experiencing feelings of emptiness, that seemingly cannot be filled, this session can be especially helpful to you. This normally occurs when a significant wounding has occurred - past or present. This could be brought on by a relationship breakup, as major life changes such as the loss of a loved one through divorce or death or the loss of employment may also leave one feeling empty, unable to pick up the pieces and create a new life. As well, many who lived in a home where love, support or a feeling of safety were lacking feel this feeling of emptiness.  


This session is designed to help you to pick up the pieces and create a new life!


This session is designed to release you from the type of emptiness that does not respond to external means of filling it. If you have an empty feeling that seems bottomless in nature, as if a constant leak exists somewhere, you may need energetic healing to help you to feel full again.


It is helpful to verbally process emotions. This can help you gain understanding of the source or cause and help you to take some actions to make changes. However, the mind is not able to access where these emotions are stored to fully remedy the issue. Because of this even with verbally processing and gaining understanding and making positive changes you may end up still feeling that bottomless feeling of emptiness deep within your core.


 In this session we will work on the deeper levels of the emotional mind, body and cellular memory so that this will affect tangible change. If your personal emotional freedom is important to you - this session will help. This session will help you to feel complete again. If feelings and issues of emptiness are deeply rooted more than one session may be needed to clear this from your life. During the session emotional patterns of being left behind, fear of detachment, frustration, feelings that life is unbearable, sadness and stuck feelings will also be cleared.


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