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90 Minute Fear of Abandonment Clearing and Healing Session


The Fear of Abandonment Clearing and healing session will work on experiences sourced from childhood, which manifest throughout life either in attracting partners who will abandon, or in our own aggressive, sabotaging, clingy behavior which forces them to abandon us. It will clear negative patterns such as a tendency to abandon someone before they get a change to abandon you. As well it will work to heal the contractive emotion, which is very much inward, of abandoning the Self and limiting love from being received from its many potential sources.

Deep false beliefs that accompany abandonment will also be cleared such as a belief that relationships do not last. This commonly occurs with those who have experienced the loss of a parent or spouse through death, divorce, depression or emotional dysfunction.

Whatever issues you are facing with abandonment will be cleared and healed in the session so that you can embrace all life's experiences. If feelings of abandonment are deeply rooted it may take more than one session to clear this emotion from your life.

When you have the fear of abandonment, it transforms you internally and becomes a sense of depression. When this depression surfaces, it becomes difficult for you to focus. It is challenging for you to be present in your life. The session will also assist you in overcoming this deep sense of depression.

Many issues will be addressed in this session. There are a variety of symptoms or signs that point to a fear of abandonment. Some of the symptoms include the following. Healing will be directed to all issues present in your struggle with the fear of abandonment.

Worthlessness: The abandoned person will question his/her importance and worth, considering the fact that his/her own parents/siblings/souse do not count him/her worthy of their love, time, and affection. HeShe may also feel worthless because of a cheating spouse or betraying friends. He/She would generalize their behavior, carrying the blame on their shoulders.


Guilt: He/She will be under the impression that he/she has been abandoned for some of his/her wrongdoings. He/She would keep analyzing as to where he/she had gone wrong. This will make him/her guilty of a mistake he/she never committed.


Insecurity: This is a commonly-observed symptom. He/She will grow up to be very clingy, as he/she will always have the insecurity of people abandoning them. Due to this fear, he/she will hold on to people too tight, so they never leave them alone. This will include  clinging to his/her spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, or anyone he/she bonds with.


Withdrawal: Due to  insecurities and guilt, he/she will feel inferior and will withdraw from social activities. He.She may not mingle with people due to the fear of rejection. In most cases, people who feel abandoned, will be the first to initiate a breakup or walk out on their partner, with the fear that if they don't, the other person will.


Bad Habits: An adult mostly resorts to alcohol, smoking or drugs considering these habits as an easy way of dealing with the problems and fears. He/She tends to care less about their health, as he/she believes that they are the only one who cares about themselves.


Excessive Reassurance: As he/she is already going through the feeling of abandonment, it becomes very difficult for him/her to believe that they can find someone who can love them, hence, they would always ask for reassurance. He.She may also seek for extra attention by an unexpected behavior or weird talks, only to see if the partner cares enough.


Being Self-complacent: Sometimes people suffering from this psychic disorder become extremely complacent, i.e., being uncritically satisfied with oneself or one's actions, and exhibiting unusual and extreme behavior, like doing the most disgusting household chores or sexual activity, which the partner might not be interested in.



Low Self-esteem: Self-esteem is all about how worthy and important we feel. Our worth and importance normally depends on how much we are loved and accepted by our family, friends and other people around us. A person who feels abandoned thinks he/she is not loved nor accepted, hence, the self-esteem remains very low. Low self-esteem leads to insecurities, the feeling of being incapable of doing anything, and depression.

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