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Anja Chakra Flush


The Anja Chakra Flush is designed to flush residual and or toxic energies. This allows hte Anja Chakra to begin spinning again and become bright and clear. As the residual and toxic energies are fluhshed they are then replaced with pure unadulterated light. It is recommended that you work with the Anja Chakra Flush energy regularly so that you have a healthy Anja Chakra. When the chakras are healthy you live your life to the fullest and find and understand your life purpose and joy in loving. There is one symbol used with this system. Working with the symbol on a daily basis assists you with making sure the chakra is a clear, light filled spinning vortex. The symbol is infused with energies to align, clear and balance your anja chakra. Working iwth this symbol on a daily basis will also open your ajna chakra.

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

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