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Crown Chakra Opening Clearing and Healing Session for More Magnetism, Presence, Peace of Mind, To Create Heaven on Earth, and so much more


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The Crown chakra, is the symbol of purity and spirituality. It is considered the chakra with the highest energy. It also stands for freedom and can bring a person a sense of understanding, wisdom, and enlightenment and helps guide their spiritual growth. It is a very important Chakra, as it helps to balance all the other six chakras. When we open the crown chakra, and integrate the crown chakra with the other six chakras (third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra), we can expect everything to get easier. If it is blocked or out of balance in some way this will be corrected so that there are not any disruptions in the body, mind, spirit and life. These disruptions can range from a sense of unwellness and unease, to more serious problems--actual disease in one's body, dysfunction in one's life, and obstacles to spiritual development.


During the session clearing, any resistance you may have to reuniting with the Divine and rediscovering your personal power with the Divine will be removed. Deep unconscious blocks to returning to God and love will be removed. Any tendency to resist change will be released so that you can be powerful and let go of being unhealthy, powerless, and poor. Inner resistance will be removed. Any sadness or deep grief blocking the opening of the crown chakra will be released.


You will feel more hopeful and optimistic following the session. Fears of being alone will leave you. The sense of isolation will leave you. You will experience a deeper sense of communion with the Divine Source and with others. The subconscious mind will be cleansed of fears and doubts that are not helpful. Fears about being powerful will leave you.


Experience the global awakening of consciousness by opening the Crown Chakra! As you open and clear the crown chakra you can expect miracles, more presence, more magnetism, a greater sense of inner peace, more answered prayers, a more intimate relationship with The Divine. Rise above the worries and confusion of daily life and have a sense of peace, harmony, unconditional love, and even bliss. Feel unity with all things, including the Divine.


Many experience physical healing. Almost all experience less urgency about any remaining problems in life, as faith increases and inner knowing that the Divine is taking care of everything, and you are in good hands.


You may experience a money miracle, less guilt about sexuality, more personal power, open heart, effective communication, rigorous intuition, and much more!! You deserve the love of the Divine, all the heavenly love availed to you. Embrace it now by opening the crown chakra and experiencing miracle after miracle as a result. For Lightworkers you will be much more excited about being a light worker, healer and teacher of the Divine and your spiritual gifts and abilities will be enhanced following this session. This session normally takes 90 minutes.







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