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Highest Potential MEGA Attunement Package - Health, Relationships, Career, Finances, Personal Growth Plus BOGO

$299.99 $3,000.00

Regular price 3000.00- More than 50% OFF plus receive one attunement package of equal or lesser value with purchase.

This offer may not be combined with any other offer. There are NO substitutions. Even IF you received a few of these attunements this is still a bargain price for the retail cost is valued at more than 3000.00.

The Highest Potential Attunement Package© is designed for self improvement, self growth and development -  to increase your capacity to access and achieve your highest potential. It combines uplifting and inspirational energies to help bring greater unity of purpose,  positive lasting changes, and self-confidence so that you can have what you want within your self and your life. The energy calms, soothes, and harmonizes

These energies can be enormously beneficial, promoting positive life-long changes in health, family relationships, career, finances, romance, and personal growth.

 Overcome conditioning and grant yourself the power to access the Highest Potential within you so that you are manifesting the inner and outer reality you truly desire.

Begin growing in the direction of your highest potential today!

With this purchase you will receive the following distant attunements, manuals and a certificate for the package.

  1. Building Self Esteem Reiki
  2. Greatness Empowerment
  3. Self Reliance Empowerment
  4. Inner Strength Reiki
  5. Hidden Self Inner Truth Reiki
  6. Inner Wounds Recovation
  7. Inner Passion Flame
  8. Manifesting Wealth Empowerment
  9. Everyday Manifesting
  10. Abundant Mindset Activation
  11. Prosperity Consciousness
  12. Cultivating Compassion
  13. Multidimensional Awareness
  14. I am Saying Yes to Prosperity
  15. Beauty Sleep
  16. Beauty Reiki 1-3
  17. Beauty Body Enhancement
  18. Clearing Shadow Paths
  19. Flame of Prosperity and Success Reiki
  20. Shooting Star Reiki
  21. Releasing Shame Reiki
  22. Inner Flame Vortex
  23. Inner Freedom Blasting
  24. Inner Beauty Radiance
  25. Breaking the Chains Empowerment
  26. Healing Happiness Manifestation
  27. Communication Flush
  28. Inner Self Revolution
  29. Self Knowledge Rays
  30. Self Love and Respect Manifestation
  31. Self Sensuality Empowerment
  32. Co-Dependency Healing
  33. Rising to the Challenge Manifestation
  34. Family Care
  35. Courage and Strength Reiki
  36. Inner Song
  37. Inner Peace Light
  38. Jealousy Flush
  39. Written Intention Reversal
  40. Divine Mind, Soul, Spirit Connection Activation
  41. Soul to Soul Heart to Heart Soul Mate Connection Activation
  42. Path of Power Reiki
  43. Absolutely Infinitely Abundant Universe Empowerment
  44. Moving Forward on the Path Manifestation
  45. Abundant Mindset
  46. Absolute Confidence Empowerment
  47. Emotional Freedom Reiki
  48. Letting Go Manifestation
  49. Inner Child Essence
  50. Inner Child Healing
  51. Rising Above Reiki
  52. Mental Care
  53. Mental Deep Care
  54. Love and Friendship Manifestation
  55. Fire Spectrum
  56. Angry Words Flush
  57. Raising the Bar Reiki
  58. Personal Power Manifestation
  59. The I AM Attunement
  60. Break Beyond Reiki
  61. Multidimensional Sefl Empowerment
  62. Releasing the Chaos of Change
  63. Hearts Desires Activation Program
  64. Universal Wisdom Empowerment
  65. Sacred Beauty Flush
  66. Well Being Reiki
  67. Scarcity Mentality Flush
  68. Rejection Flush
  69. Cycles Reiki
  70. Victim Mentality Flush
  71. Rejuvenation Regeneration Reiki
  72. True Self Higher Being
  73. Releasing Toxic People Places and Things
  74. Toxic Relationship Cord Cutter
  75. Mastering Destiny Empowerment
  76. Life's Possiblities Flush
  77. Releasing Anxiety
  78. Miracle Manifesting Amplification System
  79. Constantine Reiki
  80. Weight Loss Healing Flush
  81. Bizarre Beliefs Bouncer
  82. Inner Phoenix
  83. Hina Beauty Creativity and Freedom

There are no substitutions. All sales are final.

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