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Awakening Intuition Healing Package - 7 Powerful Sessions to Awaken your Intuitioin, tap into Higher Knowledge, Make Amazing Discoveries!


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Each Session is 90 Minutes.

Awakening Intuition

Our right brain fuctions are responsible for awakening intuition, which enables us to tap into higher knowledge, make amazing discoveries and develop ideas, inventions, concepts, businesses, and the like, that transcend our personal experience and know how. Intuition is that still small voice of conscience, that knows right from wrong and truth from error. Some experts call it the "higher Self".

There are many things about your potential that are just waiting to be unlocked.......

Subconscious intuition and this is a starting point!

These sessions help to awaken your intuition including opening you up up to the Divine mind, bringing you into higher states of consciousness that opens the doors of opportunity so you can fulfill your higher purpose for being here on earth.

There is no reason to delay! Move into your heart's calling with the Awakening Intuition Healing Package.

Session One:

Fear of Intuition:

Uninhibited by our biases and judgments, wired only to perception, it can lead us to predictions we often marvel at. “Somehow I just knew,” we say later about a hidden danger we just knew to veer aware from or an opportunity we spontaneously seized despite knowing little about it. Beyond our conscious awareness, we read miniscule untaught signals, that point us to pay attention to something… or someone.

Sometimes our intuition gives rise to an acute feeling of fear. A primal emotion that exists to keep us safe, genuine fear is intended to be brief, not to hang around for a long period of time. Anxiety also keeps many from tuning in to those ‘gut instincts’ that truly do signal us to pay special attention. This session is designed to remove the fears that cloud and or block you from accessing and listening to your intuition.


Session Two:

Worthiness to connect with God/The Divine Source

Many have a block to awakening intuition and connecting to the Divine Mind because they do not feel worthy of working with God/The Divine Source/Creator. Often a perhaps programmed response is to say, but who am I to work with God/Creator? The truth is that the Divine indwells within us. This session is designed to support you in grasping that concept. It will remove feelings of unworthiness, thoughts that priests, reverands, ministers, spiritual gurus, or more worthy than you are to work with God. It remove tendency toward making the conscious or unconscious choice that you are not worthy to work with God. It will allow you to discover your true value.

Session Three:

Discernment and Trusting Intuition

Many struggle with knowing doubting their intuitive thoughts. Some wonder if it is just their imagination. Many struggle with discerning what is intuition and what is wishful thinking or imagination. This session will help you to let go of doubt in your ability to discern what is truth, your intuitive thoughts, hear your intuitive voice. It will support you in trusting your intuition. The energy will boost your intuition in such a way that the inner voice becomes louder and more bolder for you. 

Session Four

Taking Risks and Releasing Intellect

Another block to intuition is reasoning, analyzing, intellect....It is natural to want things to make sense! However, sometimes intuition does not make sense right away. Sometimes it makes sense later. This session will help you to stop over analyzing and take risks, to take those leaps of faith, trusting your intuition to take you to what leads you to your highest and best good. It helps you to realize that your intuition is a highly reliable source so that you pay attention to the messages you are receiving even when it does not make sense to you at the time.

Session Five

Fear of Imagination/mental rigidity

Another block is the mind intruding and telling you that the messages you receive are your imagination. You must learn to trust and have faith in your intuition. Many struggle with trusting. It is easy to just feel like it is your imagination running wild. However the imagination is amazing vehicle in which to carry intuitive knowings. This session will clear and release the assocation between imagination and illusion. 

Session Six:

Fear of silence

This session helps to remove the fear of silence when you try to actively access your intuition. There are many types of practices to help you still the mind. This session will empower and support you in being able to clear and still the mind and to find your connection to the Divine in the spaces between words and thoughts. It will relax you and your mind so that you can access that quiet stream which flows just below your awareness.

Session Seven: Faith in Self

Faith in Self is very important to awakening your intuition. You must have faith in yourself and your ability to receive intuitive information. You are the most important part in this journey. The answers are not out there somewhere. All the answers are within you. You are your own teacher. This session is designed to empower you to believe in yourself!

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