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Protection Healing Orb by Nicole Lanning - Energetic/Psychic Protection and Healing


Protection Healing Orb by Nicole Lanning is an effective Empowerment to help people who are in need of Energetic and Psychic protection. There is no prerequisite for this form as anyone can use it. It can either be called in or can be placed within someone's energetic system as a gift to him or her. This is also wonderful to use on children as they are in need of protection as well from all negativity in this world. It works on healing the psychic and energetic problems as well as protecting from any negative influence. It is not just psychic protection but energetic protection. There are so many psychic vampires out in the world today that we need protection from. It works on people and their draining abilities on us and along with attachment of energy cords astral, while the energetic protection deals with our energetic fields when working with auras, chakras and meridians. With your purchase you will receive one distant attunement, course manual by Nicole Lanning and a master level certificate.

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