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Getting Clear Ray by Nicole Lanning - Remove blocks to any area of your life or path, accomplish everything you have to do in this lifetime!


Getting Clear Ray Empowerment by Nicole Lanning helps you to remove any blocks in any area of your life or spiritual path. As a result you can accomplish everything you have to do in this lifetime. When you are trying to accomplish something and hit a road block that is preventing you from it, getting clear will help remove the block and clear the path for you. Do not worry as you do not have to be adept at working in the etheric or spiritual realm because Getting Clear Ray Empowerment will do this for you. This occurs when you receive the empowerment and works simply through your intention to call in Getting Clear Ray when you need it and the block will be removed. The empowerment is done in two sessions with a minimum of 10 days in between. This is a set fee system. It is not to be passed on ebay or free exchange groups. With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunements and a certificate.

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