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HYMENAIOS EMPOWERMENT ATTUNEMENT- God of Wedding Ceremonies by Linda Kaye


From the Founder, Linda Kaye 'Known as the Greek God of Wedding Ceremonies (or more specifically of thewedding hymn which was sung by the train of the bride as she was led to the house of the groom), HYMENAIOS (aka Hymen or Hymenaeus) wassupposed to attend every wedding. If he didn't, then the marriage wouldsupposedly prove disastrous, so the Greeks would run about calling his name aloud. He presided over many of the weddings in Greek Mythology,for all the deities and their children.





Invoke Hymenaios when you need your future marriage or current marriage blessed. Perhaps your current marriage/relationship is full of problems. By invoking Hymenaois’s blessings, you are one step closer to resolving your issues and having a happy and fulfilling relationship/marriage.



These days, many couples live together before marriage. Invoke Hymenaios in your relationship when you feel like your partner is holding back from taking the next step in your relationship-commitment, living together or marriage. Invoking Hymenaios’s blessings can help you to working through issues of fear of commitment and marriage either for yourself or your partner.



Maybe all he/she needs is Hymenaios’s blessings and a gentle spiritual push towards I DO.



Perhaps YOU are the one with the fear of commitment or marriage. Are you holding onto your fear so tightly that it is effecting your physical health? Hymenaios can assist you in getting to the very core of yourfears of commitment/marriage. Hymenaios can send his blessingsinto your heart chakra. A heart that is covered in fear, anger, grief,hatred, etc. cannot feel, give or experience love'

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