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Ascended Master Jesus Channeled Psychic Reading 3 Questions Delivered by Email


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Ascended Master Jesus and other Masters, Archangels and Angels began visiting me at my earliest memory. At the time, I did not know who they were or what they wanted and naturally it was scary to me. I slept with my parents for many of my formative years because of these visits. As I began to grow and came to know Ascended Master Jesus I immediately fell in complete Divine Love. As a result of the close and personal relationship with Ascended Master Jesus I have channeled His words and energy in various forms. It is my delight that I have been guided by Ascended Master Jesus to offer a special reading to those who especially need answers and communion with Him. If you are one of them, you are in store for much love, kindness, compassion, and grace.

I love to channel Ascended Master Jesus because it is an open style reading where there are no rules! In these channeled sessions Ascended Master Jesus will come through to talk to you about whatever He deems as important and useful for you to you at the current stage of your Path of Purpose or to answer up to three specific questions that you have for Him. Thus, you may choose an open style channeled reading or a question oriented chaneled reading.

Ascended Master Jesus' guidance assists you with your spiritual growth and evolution. His messages come through very warmly and lovingly. These messages are quite warm - loving, validating and supportive. The messages that you receive during this powerful channeled reading can provide healing for you. The messages may empower and or inspire you on your journey.

 It takes about two to three hours to channel this reading. You will find that the reading includes lots of loving and supportive Guidance from Jesus. The reading is quite is lengthy and is many pages.

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