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Semar Silo Essence by Ferry - Success, Purpose, Highest Dreams, Intuition, Faith, and more



Founder: Ferry Handoko

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In one version of the Babad Tanah Jawi (the Javanese creation myth), Semar cultivated a small rice field near Mount Merbabu for ten thousand years before there were any men. His descendents, the spirits of the island, came into conflict with people as they cleared fields and populated the island. A powerful Hindu-Moslem priest, unable to deviate from his king's orders to continue cultivating the island, provided Semar with a role that will allow his children and grandchildren to stay. Semar's role was to be a spiritual advisor and magical supporter of the royalty, and those of his descendents who also protect the humans of Java can remain there.

One genealogy of Semar is that he is the eldest descendent of God, and elder brother to Batara Guru, king of the other gods; however, Semar became a man. Another genealogy says that he is the son of Adam and Eve. His brother Nabi ("prophet") Sis gave birth to various prophets, such as Jesus and Muhammad, from whom the various Western peoples are descended, while Semar ("Sayang Sis") gave birth to the Hindus and the Javanese. In either case Semar, in his awkward, ugly human form, represents at the same time god and clown, the most spiritually refined and outwardly rough.

Semar Silo Essence

Semar Silo Essence (in English; CrossLegged Semar Essence) bring a Divine Wisdom to your soul and repair the damaged Bright Old Faith. It bring back your success and the extraordinary life that you have or live at the past. When you feel there is something missing in present, you will found it at the past experience. Semar Silo Essence remind you to the truly path in your life, your purpose, your highest dream and your delayed or forgotten true love. Semar Silo Essence will honed the instinct acumen, intuition and bring the divine nature to your soul and mentally.

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