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Werkudara Ageng Essence by Ferry - Loyalty, Self Responsibility, Bravery, Reach Life Goals, Gentle Heart, More



Founder : Ferry Handoko

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Werkudara, is one of the great Pandawa warriors. Javanese mythology said that Werkudara is a brave warrior with a big body and muscles. He is scary for the enemy even though he has a gentle heart. Werkudara is faithful to a single attitude, which never ado and ambivalent and never lick her own spit. In Java he was also called and famous with the name of "Bimo".

Werkudara Ageng Essence (in English; Big Werkudara Essence) brings high loyalty to the work or business and encourage the responsibility compliance to your self and others. It drive you to always be on your true life path and also as a bravery stimulation at once. Werkudara Ageng Essence encourage the heart and mentally, to reach the culmination of your life's goals.

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