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Anchor Clearing and Healing Session 120 Minutes - Lift the Anchors and Activate Your Ascension


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Anchors Away! Lift the Anchors and Activate Your Ascension!

Anchors (or “Hooks” are a more aggressive form of cords that appear in people’s energy field. Anchors weigh you down, hold you back. The energetic field is filled with anchors - energetically placed devices which weight down your energy. With anchors in place it keeps you from moving upward and onward, from moving forward, and or moving in any direction. During the session these anchors will be removed from your field. This will restore stability of your energy field removing many energies that entered without your knowledge. In this session these anchors will be removed and the hole in the field will be patched or filled with white light therefore restructuring the grid.

Our thought process as humans is conditioned by many thousands of years of lifetimes where we were struggling with choosing the light over the dark. This way of thinking, this duality if you will, has left an indelible mark on us. It happens so much we do not even realize that it happens. These can be placed from the moment you entered the Earth plane to present.

These can be placed by self or others, by your own subconscious or others in your life, such as parents, spouses, and the like. These serve only to sabotage overall well being. This negative programming sets in and serves as a hindrance. We form negative thoughts all the time. Negative thoughts are energy that link us to a situation. On a daily basis you may be linking yourself to thousands of situations that are an anchor to your soul’s progression.

The session will activate the highest good in you so that you achieve your goals on all levels of body, mind and spirit, supporting you in choosing love in every situation present to you every day. This allows you to be a participant in your soul’s Ascension, use a conscious evolution perspective and captain your own ship. Removing the anchors allows you to move forward, releases you from being held back so that you freely move forward in your life without restrictions on any level. These anchors will be removed permanently. With the anchors lifted this will invite higher consciousness, Christ Consciousness into your life.

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