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Ethereal Orange by Manuela Marx - Lust for Life, Creativity, Energizing Rooms, Sacral Chakra, Addiction, Sensuality, Relaxation, Family of Origin


Founder: Manuela Marx

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

This energy is beneficial for:

 Lust for life, lightness of being (especially during the dark season)

 Creativity, boosting creative expression

 Energizing rooms in which we want to support lust for life or creative experssion.

 Great for therapy rooms in which is being worked on overcoming the past.

 2nd chakra issues (Sakral chakra)

 Deliverance of shock and trauma from the past and present

 Supports liberation from addiction

 Enjoying sensuality

 Balancing out experiences on the timeline

 Support for children with minor or bigger shocks

 Balancing out and centering the emotional field when unsettling emotions are present

 Immediate relaxation and being able to breathe deeply

 Liberation from grey fog within the energy field

 Supportive of all energetic clearing of our family of origin and relationships

 Clearing all experiences which caused us to loose harmony

 Relaxed view of the past

 Libido stimulation

 Supports healing the ethereal bodies

 Help for issues of dependency and co-dependency

This high frequency energy works very similar to the energy of the orange Aura-Soma Pomander and it includes the energies of the following crystals: topaz, orange calcite, sunstone, tiger eye and jasper. This energy can be used for everything relating to shock on all levels. You can „drench“ or flood rooms, things and the energy systems of humans or animals with this energy or spray a mist of this energy into the aura. You can also use this energy very creatively in other ways – like ethereal „injections“ into the energy system, or only punctual on acupuncture points or visualized as a protective field in the aura.

In a different way from the Aura-Soma Pomander, you can use this energy almost everywhere creatively simply with your intention. I personally drench whole rooms, homes, individuals or energy systems with this energy or let it be soaked with this energy on the inside or outside in order to transform the present energy patterns with the Orange energy.

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