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Ethereal Emerald Green by Manuela Marx - Changes, Decisions, Concentration, Opening Heart Space, Supports Growth, Goals, Directions,


Ethereal Emerald Green

This energy is beneficial for:

 Calming, centering and returning back into balance

 Creating space and a feeling of being protected and respected at the same time

 Processes of making decisions

 Aligning to new things

 Recognizing the essence of something

 Protection from being to “flighty”

 Good for therapists – supports concentration to one’s own space so the clients don’t get too close

 Supportive for any kind of breath work, supporting the breathing apparatus

 Supports being able to connect to nature on a deep level

 Opening the heart space

 Being aware that there’s more than one way

 Better access to own feelings

 Awareness of synchronicity, “being at the right place at the right time meeting the right people”

 For children: giving hope, supportive of bereavement processes, after being disconnected from important people/ animals

 Supporting growth on all levels

 Clear definition of goals and directions

This high frequency energy works very similar to the energy of the Emerald Green Aura-Soma Pomander and it includes the energies of the following crystals: Jade, Malachite and Emerald. This energy can be used for everything relating to new pathways, new beginnings, connecting with nature and panoramic awareness. You can „drench“ or flood rooms, things and the energy systems of humans or animals with this energy or spray a mist of this energy into the aura. You can also use this energy very creatively in other ways – like ethereal „injections“ into the energy system, or only punctual on acupuncture points or visualized as a protective field in the aura.

In a different way from the Aura-Soma Pomander, you can use this energy almost everywhere creatively simply with your intention. I personally drench whole rooms, homes, individuals or energy systems with this energy or let it be soaked with this energy on the inside or outside in order to transform the present energy patterns with the Emerald Green energy

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