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Beauty Reiki Healing Package - Beautiful People Do Nice Things for Themselves! Pamper Yourself with Beauty Healing Sessions! PLUS BOGO

$399.99 $2,400.00


Beauty Reiki Healing Package

For a limited time you will receive a healing package of equal or lesser value.

Beautiful People Do Nice Things for Themselves! Pamper Yourself with Beauty Healing  Sessions!

Often we struggle with feeling beautiful. These healing sessions will help you feel beautiful by removing blocks whether they are emotional, mental or spiritual as well as cleanse the aura and auric fields so that the inner beauty can shine through. It will brighten the aura, face and body so that you radiantly shine and attract positive energy from others. These healing sessions will raise your spirits which will put you in a better mood and this certainly attracts more positive energy.

The body as an instrument that can be tuned with these powerful sessions so that you can have a powerful sense of beauty about yourself. It will boost confidence, self esteem, image, self love as well as enhance charisma, sex appeal and charm.

Pamper yourself with this healing package for you deserve it, after all beautiful people do nice things for themselves!!!!!!!!!

This series of healing sessions will help us to maintain our sense of inner and outer beauty. It will remove anything that blocks us from being our highest expression so that we are most appealing to be around!

There are 24 healing sessions in this package. The sessions that are included are listed below.

2-Inner Beauty of Archangel Haniel 60 Minute Healing Session

This healing sessionwill help us to see the shining light within ourselves and lead us to happinessand love. It will allow us to see the light and beauty that is present withinus and all around us. It will help us see the good within ourselves so that wecan shine radiantly throughout each day. It will bring beauty, love and peaceinto our lives and assist us with strengthening our inner light. Haniel willhelp us to stop looking outside ourselves for inner happiness and find theanswers from within so that we can confidently shine beauty, happiness andlight to everyone around us.

2-Chandra AuraReiki 60 Minute Healing Session

This session will cleanse and strengthen our aura. The energies of this healing session willbrighten our face to make it look more beautiful. It will brighten the body,give a calm and peaceful heart, bring us attraction power, charisma and bring outour inner beauty which will help our self confidence to emerge. It will openall blockages in our aura and clean any impurity or negative energy within theAura.

2-Open Heart Reiki Healing Session for 60 Minutes

Open Heart Reiki works to open and expand the heart chakra so you can give andreceive unconditional love. The energy is expansive and freeing, meant to healold heart wounds and create a light and joyous heart. This energy is abeautiful one. It is also excellent to help you come from that space ofexpansive love instead of working from a space of neediness or getting caughtup in your own stuff.

2-Beauty Reiki 60 Minute Healing Session

This healing session will clean negative energy on all layers of the body, especially the emotionallayer, which will make our personality more appealing. It will bring us innerpeace, self confidence, success and healthier and happier relationships. Itwill heal emotional traumas; remove blockages that keep our beauty from shiningforth.

2-Light of Forgiveness Reiki Healing Session 60 Minutes Lightof Forgiveness Reiki is a special form of Reiki energy that helps to heal andcleanse old hurts, grief, or issues that are causing a lack of love of theself. By using the Light of Forgiveness Reiki, you are releasing what are oftendeep, embedded issues that might normally be difficult to heal. The Light of Forgiveness is a powerful energy that will sweep through and clear out theseenergies in a comprehensive but gentle way. It will help you feel lighter,freer, and happier. As well as help us release a heavy load of pain and energythat you may not have realized you carried.

2-Aura Beauty Ray 60 Healing Session

This session will cleanthe Auric field from negative energy and etheric parasites which will strengthen the Aura. As the auric field is strengthened this will increaseinner beauty, charm, charisma, bring energy and wellness to the body, protectus from negative energy and shield us from manipulation and domination ofothers. It enhances sex appeal as well as increases self esteem.

2-Fearless Reiki Healing Session 60 minutes

Fearless Reiki consists of a gentle, soothing,yet strengthening Reiki energy. It can help you to overcome emotional fears andblocks that get in the way of happiness, creativity, and love. Without the fearand worry, Fearless Reiki will help you not to be paralyzed by irrational andnegative thoughts that stop you from living and enjoying a happier and fullerexistence and life. Fearless Reiki is about working with and healing inappropriateemotional fear. It is about healing and letting go of negative fears that donot serve you on your spiritual journey through life.

2-Personal Power Healer Balancer Healing Session 60Minutes

This will heal and balance your personal power. Itwill heal spiritual issues and blocks to spiritual development. Anxiety will bereduced, fears and depression will be lessened or cleared, negative energiesand feelings will be disbursed. It will help you to develop an inner calm andsecurity, stronger will power, confidence, self discipline and will encouragecreative energy flow, promote clarity of mind, and body, help you to get intouch with your spiritual or life purpose. It will help you get unstuck insituations and to refocus. It will open you to abundance in all forms.

2-Sexual/Erotic Empowerment Combination Healing Session 60 minutes

Thishealing session has two types of healing forms brought together to create onepowerful healing session. The Sexual empowerment energy is a fire type ofenergy that is involved with the Kundalini. It has a very warm and passionateenergy. It will balance the body, mind and spirit. It will help us deal withany issues and or remove any blocks present regarding abuse or any otherproblems dealing with our sexual selves. The Erotic empowerment is verypowerful as one of its key functions is to increase our self confidence so thatwe can attract others to us. It will remove any negative affects of low selfconfidence that has lingered in the layers of our energy body so that we do notrepel others. It will strengthen our magnetic field. It will increase selfconfidence, courage, charisma and have us have an open mind and heart. It willbring out inner beauty and radiance. It will increase feelings of confidence,relationship abilites and sex appeal.

2-Inner Light Reiki Healing Session 60 Minutes

InnerLight Reiki is a simple but powerful system to help the light of the soul shinethrough. The energy works to clear blockages, increase joy, and help youaccomplish your life purpose. This is a beautiful energy that will help liftyour personal vibration to new levels.

2- Self Love Reiki 60 minutes Healing Session

Self Love Reiki is aterrific complement to Soul mate Reiki, and a very important healing energythat will improve any area of your life. Everyone has some issues with beingunlovable or not good enough. By clearing out these issues and doubts, you willachieve better results in all areas of your life. It deals with negativethinking patterns. If you are struggling with career, love, money, etc. thisenergy will help you tremendously.

2-Worthiness Reiki Healing Session

One of the biggest blocks to happiness with self isthe subconscious feeling that we are not deserving of it? Therefore we unconsciously punish ourselves by practicing unhealthy habits. This sessionclears these feelings and blockages so that we can achieve happiness. The energy clears away the negative feelings and replaces them with positive ones that support our spiritual growth and development.

 This package does not include a healing report. Should you like a healing report, the fee is 49.99. Please indicate if you would like one or not and if so a paypal invoice will be sent to you after your purchase of this package.


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