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Auric Attachment Release Session 120 Minutes


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Auric Attachments come in many forms and attach to one or more of the seven layers of your aura. These can be worm holes, discarnate beings, portals, discordant energies, occupants, thought forms, cords. These issues are a much greater problem than just stagnant energy, minor blocks or rips within the seven major levels of the aura.

Some of the symptoms of Aura Attachment Issues Are:

Being frequently irritated, agitated, angry, or full of rage
Inability to focus or concentrate, being easily distracted
Inner conflict, voices in your head
Not being sensitive to energy or no higher senses abilities
Energy goes down around others
Little or no motivation for life
Low Energy, Lack of energy
Fearful, constant worry, panic attacks

These Attachments to the Aura will literally drain your energy as soon as they are formed and until they are cleared. Aura Attachments can originate from within your energy fields as well as from people, places, things, traumas, and the like.

In this Aura Attachment Release session the Auric attachments will be removed from the 7 embodied chakras and all layers of the Aura. All aura attachments - discarnate beings, discordant energies, occupants, thought forms, negative id complexes, blockages in the chakras/aura will be cleared.

Negative cords attached to others will be cut so that you are no longer taking in discordant energies of others. Portals and worm holes will be closed.

These negative attachments will no longer be able to be reattached or reformed as sealing is done to ensure that the removal is permanent. All areas will be healed, repaired, and all damage caused by the attachments will be corrected.

Once the aura attachments are released the Higher Self will download new soul programming to replace past traumas and beliefs with new Higher Consciousness from your Higher Self.


Energy Protection and integrity will be restored to your Auric Field. 
No longer taking in discordant energy of others, places, things, etc.
Experience increased energy.
Receive intuition and information from higher self more clearly.
Be able to focus and concentrate without mental distractions
Make decisions in alignment with Soul’s purpose, mission and Higher Self.
Overall Health will improve
Freedom from inner conflict, fear, worry, chronic anger, victimization, sadness, regret, guilt, unhealthy habits, self sabotaging behaviors, negativity, lack, limitation, and more

This session takes 2 hours to complete.

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