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Soul Contract Healing and Clearing Session 120 Minutes


140.00, regular price

Soul Contract Healing and Clearing Session

Did you know that one little hidden Soul Agreement can cause unforeseen and misunderstood ripples throughout your life? Soul contracts are created before you enter the earth plane.

Soul Contracts can be wonderful, loving connections between people that help create growth, transformation, and even access to unconditional love. Unfortunately, Soul Contracts can also act as painful blocks that stop people from being able to achieve their dreams, have a wonderful marriage, find a best friend, or even become successful in business.

When a Soul Contract is blocking the way, it is disheartening – and always confusing. I’ve met many a person who has tried every “thing” they could think of to find their “true love” or to make their business a great success – and yet, nothing worked. Soul contracts are often created within issues of trauma. In situations like this, it’s often a Soul Contract that is standing in the way, as well, they can keep us from evolving deeper into our spiritual energetic pathway. Often you will feel a sense of obligation as a symptom if you will of a soul contract that needs to be released.

There are many different types of soul contracts. There can be a soul contract of martyrdom by example where you find it easier to say yes than to say no, put  your own needs or desires as to help others even when its really unhealthy or inconvenient for you. This can also be characterized by feeling like you are a good person or a better person if you sacrifice your own needs to make someone else happy. As a result  you normally feel people do not appreciate you, tired and drained and unhappy or frustrated in your life. Once this soul level agreement is released it does not mean that you will not help others but it means that you can make better decisions about who you will help and when and allow you to begin to take care of yourself while you give to others so that you find balance in this.

Another example of a soul contract is loneliness. This can manifest in looking for your soul mate throughout your life only to have one relationship after another fail ending in sadness and heartbreak. You may have tried all kinds of ways to find someone. You may settle for someone that is not the right person for you. Soul contracts can stand in the way of finding love, for the contract of loneliness is very difficult to handle. When your soul is adhering to this type of agreement, even when you find someone wonderful you may still feel alone, unsupported, unloved, distant, separated and the like. With this soul contract released you will be able to feel the support and love availed to you. However, with the loneliness contract in place you feel like love does not exist even when it really does.

Another example of a soul contract, is anxiety. If you are someone who always feels anxious, nervous or worried – your soul might be holding you to this type of contract. Another description might be waiting for the other shoe to drop, worrying about money chronically, replacing worries with new worries, always having something to worry about. This could be a contract that you took out sometime in a past life that your soul still believes is valid. Why would you ever make such a commitment? Perhaps you felt that if you wrapped yourself in a blanket of anxiety – it would heighten your awareness so that nothing could ever get by you and surprise or hurt you again? Filtering life through a blanket of anxiety is not fun for you (obviously) or for the people around you. When you release this commitment, you’ll find that you are more able to be in touch with your
intuition as anxiety blocks your intuition, so you are more easily and naturally kept up to date by your own gut on what is coming down the pike for you. A much more enjoyable way to stay aware for sure!

You may have a soul contract of loyalty where you stand by people no matter what they do or how they treat you. The Loyalty Soul Contract will often help a person create a situation in which they are walked all over by those they love and where a person feels helpless or trapped when considering changing or leaving the relationship because they don’t want to abandon the other person. When a Soul Contract of this nature is finally released, you’ll be able to make changes in your relationships even if those changes are something you’ve struggled with for years, such as leaving your husband or quitting your job. The “hold” that those people have over you will be gone!

There are many other types of soul contracts that could be affecting you. Clearing agreements that are no longer serving you and affecting your life negatively allow you to make long-lasting positive changes in your life. This session helps you to move forward, break free of blocks, entanglements, negative thought patterns and more, so that you are not holding onto these issues within your life and energetic fields. Your energetic fields will no longer be weighed down by these soul contracts!

 In this session the soul contracts that are no longer serving you will be released so that you will be empowered to take control of your life. Soul contracts are made prior to coming into this lifetime with other people. Soul contract blocks will be removed so that you can get onto mastering the lessons the soul contact provides.

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