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Karmic Cord Clearing, Removal and Healing Session 120 Minutes - Cut your ties with past karma, people from your past and attachments from situations!


Regular Price 140.00

This session is 120 Minutes.

As we connect with other people and objects we have patterns of relating. These patterns become crystallized and hardened over time. Karmic Cords can leave you feeling drained or weighed down even if you cannot ascertain why. Having negative karmic cords can also hold you back from really developing in your life. Only when the net of karmic emotions woven around your soul over lifetimes is unplugged and untangled, can you truly create any permanent change within your reality.


Clearing the karmic cords clears the energy between two people so that whatever is going on in a relationship you know it is more about the present - the now, rather than from a past life experience. During the Karmic Cord Clearing Session the karmic cords will be cut and severed so that they are no longer attached to your karma layers. The issues that have developed within your karmic cords will also be cleared and released.


After the session most report a feeling of lightness, freedom and more energy. Some feel a sense of relief in the knowledge that old energy is less likely to be intruding on the present moment, and that their interactions are based solely on the hear and now of their own choosing rather than past interference. After a karmic session many will experience a “high” coupled with feelings of freedom.

Cut your ties with past karma, people from your past and attachments from situations permanently, once and for all!


This may take several sessions because you have lifetimes of karma to clear up.

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