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Subconscious Mind Clearing, Cleansing and Healing for Prosperity- Ensure the Infinite Intelligence of the Subconscious Mind is Ready to Manifest!


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This session is 60 Minutes.

The Cleansing the Subconscious Mind for Prosperity Session is designed to provide Prosperity in your life. The subconscious mind will be cleared of limiting beliefs which are unconsciously stored inside the subconscious mind…in order for prosperity to manifest. If allowed to continue to exist in your subconscious mind, they will sabotage every effort you do in your quest for Prosperity. It is necessary to eradicate these limiting beliefs and consciously replace them with the needed positive belief system.


The mind is like a computer data bank with a huge Central Processing Unit, where our belief folders exist. In the session the belief folders within your subconscious mind will be accessed so that the limiting beliefs can be recalled one by one and replaced with truth filled, positive beliefs that draw prosperity into your life. Each folder if you will normally has a tab like poverty consciousness or mentality. Within the folder there are individual limiting beliefs. In session all these limiting beliefs will be released so that each false belief folder is emptied of the false beliefs. Poverty Consciousness will then be converted to Prosperity Consciousness, Poverty Consciousness to Financial Freedom Consciousness.


This will help you to store data that ensures your success as you travel the path leading you to prosperity. This will ensure that the Infinite Intelligence of the Subconscious mind is ready to manifest money, wealth, riches, and prosperity into your life so that you live in total abundance, allow prosperity to flow to you freely, effortlessly and abundantly.


It may take several sessions to achieve the desired result as there are often many false beliefs present in need of being extracted and replaced by Prosperity Conscious thoughts.

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