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Spiritual Parasite Removal Session - 180 Minutes


This is a 180 Minute Session

Regular price 150.00

Spiritual Parasites are different than attachments in that they are energies predominantly from the natural world, rather than people/spirit entities thus they do not cause energy depletion or attack more health issues and problems. They impregnate the energy field, on a energetic and spiritual level causing discordance, imbalance and attack the physical body.


These parasites are often unnoticed, sometimes for a life time but they are quite removable and when relinquished the result is noticeable, pleasant and positive change for the better. These spiritual parasites are often the culprit of poor health in the physical body and can cause serious issues within the body as they can be placed anywhere on an energetic level. They can cause major health problems in your life.


During the Spiritual Parasites Removal Session the entire body will be swept and parasites will be removed. Healing will be given to areas affected by the parasites to repair damage caused and to improve overall health and well being.


Impenetrable energetic barriers comprised of the protective frequencies of love will be placed to protect you from any further infestation. Your consciousness will be cleaned restoring you to your natural state of purity and love. Discordance and negativity within that could cause attraction of these types of events will be removed.

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