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Merging with the Higher Self Session Experience harmony, love and oneness by bringing in the awareness of your Higher Self every moment of every day.


Session time: 180 minutes

Regular price 150.00


Becoming one with your Divine Presence or Higher Self is the highest of aspirations on your spiritual path. Experience harmony, love and oneness by bringing in the awareness of your Higher Self every moment of every day. The Higher Self has always been there but many of us are disconnected if you will from our Higher Selves.


Merging with the Higher Self at the simplest explanation is the merging the True Self or Higher Self into every aspect of who we think we are at all levels. The Soul is eternal and invincible and exists in a unitive state of awareness. The merging process causes the Soul to replace the illusions held in the ego-mind and consciousness.


It is a transformational process that eventually leads to a person becoming a full expression of their Soul rather than all the separate components of their ego-based personality. The soul in this context includes the underlying true essence of our being which is one with all existence. Any blockages that stand in your path to merging with your Higher Self will be removed.


The Higher Self Merge process replaces all the ego-based personality traits with the essential purity, integrity and goodness of the Soul. The Soul is primarily composed of deep love and radiant light which manifests as every wonderful quality and aspiration of the human spirit. During this session the barriers between you and your Higher Self will be removed. This will allow you to reconnect with the Higher Self having full access to your Higher Self at all times.




Experience Oneness with your Higher Self

Live and move in a dimension of all embracing love, stronger connection with Spirit

Thoughts are pure

Stay in a state of love and peace

Be at peace

Express Divine Mind

Awareness of Oneness with all there is

Be your True Self

Heightened Awareness and Knowledge

Understand life from a high perspective

Enhanced love and soul connections

Dissolution of all limitations placed on you by others heredity, education or environment or otherwise

Stronger communication with Spirit Guides, Angels, etc.

Observe my life from your Higher Self

Live with the flow of Divine guidance

Self Confidence and Belief in Self

Experience true happiness and lasting bliss


Increased manifestation abilities

Recognition of soul mission

Stronger Divine Connections



This session is 120 minutes however more than one session may be needed as the integration process is different for everyone because the process is determined by you and your higher self. However, most experience the integration process and merger within 14-21 days following the session.

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