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Chakra Cord Cleansing, Clearing and Healing Session


Session Length : 180 minutes

Regular price 149.99

 Chakra cords are the invisible connecting links we have to those people who are important to us, or upon who we come to depend for our survival or self-identity. There are many different types of cords. Anytime we do accept or initiate personal contact with another we send attachment cords deep into the inner structure of the chakras, forming permanent or semi-permanent links to others. Chakra cords are similar to astral energy cords in essence of exchanging energy, but they are specific to your chakra points within your energy fields.


Cords that do not serve any higher purpose are created when a failed attempt to probe or control us in some way occurs. This is normally a cord with a random encounter with someone. With these types of cords often as you walk away you from this person you feel invaded in some way. There are cords that attach and detach when we consider a connection with someone serving to sort of orientate us to the person or when someone is more curious about us but not necessarily interested in forming a relationship. Just as our bodies contain genetic coding from our ancestors, our chakras contain unresolved or habitual relational cords from past family members. We also cord to ourselves to provide a witness to self that is vital for a healthy adult. Sometimes however due to childhood dysfunctional issues we do not do a good job of healthy cording.


Sometimes the flow of energy moves through these cords in a healthy way. An example of that would be a mutually fulfilling and supportive type of relationship. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Most often the energy flows one way. As a result one of the individuals is normally drained of vital energy.


Symptoms that you need a Chakra Cord Session:


Unexplained fatigue

Struggle with personal boundaries.

Stage fright, fear of public speaking, or shyness

Difficulty breaking the cycle of an issue within the Chakra points


Often there are very old cords in place. These normally have many unresolved emotions, and unpleasant memories accumulated within them. These cords limit our lives because they keep us attached to old relationships and situations that are unresolved and in need of repair. In this session the cords will be cleaned so that you can release the hold the past has on you, live in the present, rather than the past and create the future you truly desire.


There will be some cords cut during the session. The cords that will be cut would be of the toxic variety, damaged, negative, cords. Often cords are engaged in the chakra system and infiltrate deep into one’s physical body. Cutting a cord without Divine assistance to someone very close to you can make the emotional/mental trauma and pain that you have much worse. It can catapult you into a state of abandonment which can be very traumatic for you emotionally and mentally.


Therefore, only cords that are toxic and no longer serve your higher good will be removed.


Cords that are to remain will be cleansed. This will allow the cords to not have so much power or charge and thereby not having so much influence upon you and your life. As well, it allows you to draw strength, compassion, and wisdom fro the relationship even if the relationship has ended, or a person has crossed over to the Spiritual Dimensions. If there are cords that are tangled these will be untangled and energized.


Energetic splits, conflicts or other negative influences held within the cords will cleared. As a result of this work you will experience relationships beginning to change, some may even fall away, or end, and opening up a new pattern where you make new options, and or types of relationships. All negative and damaged cords will be removed, all connection points healed, and all positive chakra cords cleansed.


Additional Benefits:


Become an empowered and choice-driven individual

Replace reaction with response

Replace addiction/compulsion with choice

Grow towards life goals

Release of the pain of the past

Embrace the present

Conscious participation in your own evolutionary unfolding

Freedom from Distortion of present experience due to bringing in the past.

Being authentic

Being able to stand up for what is important

Development of Alternative Responses to Unhealthy behavior

Freedom from repeating dysfunctional family patterns

Enhanced wiring of contact to Self

Restoration to natural growth of the chakras

Development of new healthy relationships

Improved existing relationships









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