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Ancestral Lineage, Generational, Family Tree Curse Removal and Healing Session


Session Length: 180 minutes

Regular price 300.00

Curses are very real destructive forces that reach throughout time and affect the lives of nearly every human being. They can be brought forth to this incarnation through deep genetics and past life experiences and are anchored to this lifetime. Our ancestors, parents carry curses or curses have followed us from past life experiences. The energy of the action had not disappeared but continues running its course and passed with a blood line from parents to children and so on through the generations. In order to end these misfortunes healing ceremonies can be performed.


This session is designed to restore health, wealth, well being, good fortune, luck, of the entire family. Families continuing misfortune could be the result of actions of ancestors or family members in the past. All curses - curses placed on you, those you have cursed and all genetic lines, will be cleared. In this way you have the clean slate to go forth in this lifetime free of barriers that can limit your scope of creation. The less than light experiences manifested within this lifetime as a result of curses will be released. A shield of protection is placed upon you by the Divine, barring any future curses in this lifetime.


In some cases a curse was put on a family or family member long, long ago. Unfortunately the curse will keep running until it is removed and the family and whole ancestral line receive healing. The session will remove curses and healing the blood line as required. It is advised to receive follow up sessions dedicated to removing negative patterns of subconscious mind which are formed as a direct result of the curses or actions of family members.


After experiencing hardship a person or a whole family make start running a negative and limiting beliefs program and pattern which need to be removed and reprogrammed for success, good health, abundance, prosperity and the like. Even if a curse giver is deceased the energy of the curse still runs and needs to be removed and healed. In this curse removal process the curse patterns are not sent back to the person that issued this negativity, rather it is sent to be reborn into positive healing light or dissipated back to the Universal Source, depending on the type of energy pattern and the severity of the issue, so that this can no longer harm you or anyone else.


Sometimes a curse is rooted in a past life. If there are misfortunes that have no obvious connection to the present time or family history this is often the case. The work done in this session will cover the whole family and ancestral line. It is advised that embedded beliefs and patterns of individual family members affected by the consequences of the curse be removed. An example of that would be with embedded patterns of poverty and loss present, these need to be cleared from the subconscious mind because if this is not done the person will continue to experience the same problems over and over again. Thus, subconscious reprogramming is advised for individual family members. In this session you, as the purchaser, and client, will receive subconscious reprogramming and healing for all embedded patterns affecting you negatively as the result of any generational, ancestral curses, and the like.

Please send the names of mother, father, grandmother, grandfather (both sides) siblings, and any other known relatives, on both sides of your family.

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