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Destiny Clearing and Healing Session 90 Minutes


Session Length : 90 Minutes

Regular price 79.99

Your destiny and fate are the path to your spiritual remembering, and your bliss points the way to the creative life of infinite possibilities that lies ahead of you.


Deep inside of your being, there is a blue print for the fulfillment of your destiny. This session is designed to support you in following your bliss and beginning your hero quest of personal development journey to find that map of your inner peace and happiness.


Your destiny is the divine design that you have been created to fulfill, and your fate is the events of your life that you experience as you live in pursuit of your sacred destiny.

This session will enable you to live in harmony with your bliss, see that all the adversities that you experience have the seeds of new creative possibilities, and through the experiences of your life, you will remember your true identity as a spirit returning to the creative origin of your soul.


The energy will support you in realization of your destiny, helping you to identify your desires in all areas of your life so they are clear to your subconscious and the Universe. Tendency towards judging your desires will be release so that you create your life from a clean slate and without attempting to figure out ‘how’ your desires are going to be achieved.


By letting go of the "How's" of achieving your desires, you will then summon the Universe to help you realize your intentions in seemingly miraculous ways. Once you are in alignment with your bliss, your passion is ignited to fuel your creative experiences of life. Your desires will show you the directions in your life, and you will learn to effortlessly flow in harmony with your destiny and fate without being attached to the immediate outcomes of your life.


If you have desires, and they are not a part of your life experience now, you have limiting beliefs that need to be cleared out before your desires can be achieved. These limiting beliefs will be cleared so that you achieve your desires. Negative feelings with your desires will be removed so that you do not have inner resistance. With the inner resistance cleared you can manifest your desires in your outer life. Even though it is impossible to be completely cleared of resistances as a human being, it is very important for you to clear yourself of negative energies as much as possible, so that you can experience greater freedom and joy that you are here to experience. Blockages and barriers will be removed so that you gain clarity of what makes you happy and fulfilled without doubt, or fear or any other barrier.


The Destiny Clearing will support you in fulfilling your destiny and fate through your creative participation in your life, and the events and the challenges of your life will help you to remember your divine perfection that you already are. You will be able to just follow the guidances of your subconscious and the Universe, and only do things that bring you joy and happiness. Allow your life to flow simply and with ease by flowing in harmony with your bliss! Don’t miss this powerful session and remove the issues that keep you from seeing clearly! Allow a new, positive, energetic pattern to open for you so that you move towards your true destiny with ease!

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