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Cellular Memory Clearing, Healing and Release Session - Heal the broken Soul, Release Past Life Memories, Change Limiting Beliefs/Genetic Programming


Session Duration: 120 Minutes

 regular price 199.99


Heal the Broken Soul, Release Past Life Memories, Change Negative and Limiting Subconscious Beliefs, as well as Genetic Programmings with a Cellular Memory Clearing, Healing and Release Session.


This session will restore well being and accelerate your growth! Memory Release assists in healing your Mind, Body and Spirit. It is the vehicle to connect to the mind, body and soul.


Every single experience you have had since your soul exists, is recorded in your Memory which is composed in your Soul Memory, your Heart network and the Cellular Memory of your body. In this session this memory will be accessed and cleared so that you are able to release past trauma and blocks. Cellular Memory and Soul Healing eliminates the origin of your problems as they are the consequences of unresolved issues that are still lingering. Physical, Mental and Emotional Trauma held and suppressed within the cell memory will be released. The session works on the cellular level to release fear and negativity that have been built up from physical, mental and or emotional trauma.


The purpose of these sessions is to clear the areas of your life where you are still trapped in negative programings. You don't usually have a conscious memory of those past events, even though most of the time people can somehow sense them. Sometimes you may be aware of the information already, however, how do you let it go and face the truth? These issues can be corrected, removed, repaired, healed, and brought back to a high vibrational frequency state for your energy fields.


Supporting the clearing of cellular memory is only half the task. Once the trauma has been released from the cellular memory, the cellular memory must be filled with an empowerment imprint that is the energetic opposite of the trauma that was cleared. As the traumatic energy is released, the cellular memory is filled with healing light and the appropriate empowerment imprint. You will be energized, rejuvenated, and renewed. The energy work will support the physical body, clear suppressed emotions and empower you. Remove all issues on an energetic level permanently!


The session will also clear and balance the Chakra system as wellto support accelerated growth and enhanced awareness. This is particularly important to put an end to recurring patterns of stagnation, confusion and abuse.

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