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Complete Auric Energetic Leakage Repair, Sealing, Correction and Healing Session


Session Duration : 120 Minutes

Regular price 149.99



This session will treat energetic defects in the your field, repairing any leaks or tears you in your Aura. Strength and integrity in the auric field layers is a necessity for your energetic health and as a foundation for any other healing work needed. Sealing leaks and tears brings back the field integrity and prevents the energy loss and vulnerability of the energy field that would otherwise remain. During the session sealing of leaks and tears is performed.


Any leaks will be sealed shut—that the weakness or thinness of the energy field at that point will be supplemented, resupported and repaired. The sealing and repair of the auric energy layers will take place. Any tears in the auric field will be fused shut, so that the open gash or rip that was the tear is instead sealed. The damaged area will be completely repaired, so that the field is completely integral and energy can no longer escape.


Leaks generally occur on the first layer of aura, commonly near joints, and tears are also often found which only exist in this lowest layer of aura. There may be instances, however, where tears in the field are located further out (in higher levels of the aura)—the tear begins on the first layer but then also extends to the second, third or even higher layers. In these cases the tear on each layer is repaired.


Small tears sometimes occur over chakras. It is not the chakra that is torn (this is a rarer occurrence) but the field layer or layers above the chakra. This is a result of emotional or mental traumas. When this is encountered, these tears will also be sealed.


In session sealing leaks or tears, aura clearing, unblocking chakras, correction of energy flow will be done. Damage to the energy grid lines will be corrected and repaired. This is normally caused by trauma or a major emotional issue, or illness, accident, injury, etc. These drain the body. Any energy leakages will be repaired. Energetic Leakage points will be sealed and repaired completely. As well a protective shield will be placed so that you no longer are susceptible to leaks, tears or energy leakages of any kind.

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