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Resistance Energy Clearing and Healing Session 90 Minutes - Easily and Effortlessly Embrace Positive Change! Create a truly amazing life!


regular price 49.99

Session Duration 90 Minutes


The Resistance Energy Clearing Session is designed to open you to the truly amazing life that you desire and DESERVE! If you want to easily and effortlessly embrace positive change then this session is for you!


During the session blocks and the energy of resistance occupying ANY area of your life will be cleared, dissolved, vaporized - so that these blocks and energy no longer keep you from creating and manifesting what you desire in your heart of heart.


This will allow you to experience accelerated change and transformation, freedom from negativity/limitation/blocks/resistance, and shifts and growth in every area of your life.


Many of us are sensitive to other people’s limiting influence on us! Tendencies like this will be cleared and a protective shield will be placed so that you have an armor around you that does not allow this limiting negativity to affect you any more! The energetic patterns from within your energy field will be released so that you are free to achieve your own goals, dreams and greatness! These will be released from the soul, spiritual, and energetic levels.


Blocks and resistance to moving forward will be cleared. Subconscious beliefs that tell you that you cannot accomplish what you desire, or that you cannot change situations that do not work for you will be removed! With these cleared you will no longer be preventing good things from flowing into all areas of your life. Issues that you have been holding onto for years will be released as you are flooded with the energy and vibrations of positive motivating change. Breaking free from long held issues and problems provides you a clean slate to work from where you can create whatever it is that you desire. There are then limitless possibilities opened for you.


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