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Shadow Self Clearing and Healing Session with the Archangels 180 Minutes - Heal and Embrace Your Shadow Side - Live In YOUR Power


Session Duration - 180 Minutes

Regular Price 149.99


Have You noticed that your shadow goes with You where ever You go? It’s most prominent when the sun’s shimmering rays shine upon You accentuating your shadow. This session assists you in transiting into a higher perspective so that you are able to perceive your shadow as an ally rather than a dark nemesis following You around.


The shadow self is the part of yourself you like to keep hidden. It’s really not the first thing You want others to notice or the last thing for that matter. You may even deny or repress this aspect of yourself.


When You take a deeper look into the darker aspects of yourself, You will notice how your shadow is only trying to be your friend and be of service to You. At some point in your life You may have experienced a hurt that your shadow self is only protecting You from living again. You may have had feelings or acted in a way that You or someone else labeled unacceptable. The shadow self is the part of yourself that You have buried and left separate from your conscious personality.


This unacknowledged and non-integrated part of yourself may wreak havoc in your life by creating unwanted occurrences. It may cause You to feel like a victim or out of control over the happenings in your life. In your shadow you’ll find your guilt, shame, unworthiness and other ‘non-evolved’ qualities. People like to project their shadows onto others, often unwilling to notice the same quality in themselves.


We all have a shadow self whether we like to admit it or not. Do You hang out in the cloudy mists so no one notices your shadow? Thereby not fully living in the Light. Do You judge or belittle yourself about your dark side? Or have You learned to befriend your shadow so You can dance in the bright sunlight together?


Befriending your dark side isn’t really that scary once you accept it’s only the part of your personality that You’ve kept in the shadows and hidden from the Light. One of the biggest steps You can take for yourself in living a more fully enlightened life is embracing your shadow self.


Once You’re not expending energy working against yourself and hiding your dark side, more energy is easily accessible for you to live in your power. Imagine all that energy released into your full consciousness, what can You do with it? Once integrated into your personality that old shadow energy is transformed leaving You a more bright and loving person.


With your shadow as your friend, You’re able to fully embrace your past and be expanded from the experiences you lived. You’ll come to understand that your feelings and actions were the best You could do at the time bringing peace to You now.


Once You love and embrace all parts of yourself you’ll find your life reflects more Light and Love. It will be much easier it is to laugh at yourself. You’ll find more acceptance and tolerance of others, since you’re more loving with yourself.


This session is designed to heal your shadow self so that you can communicate with your shadow self as a friend and get to know and understand it. That’s the way to fully unlock the power of the positive aspects of your shadow self. The energy work will assist you in realizing how your shadow is trying to help and support You and bring the dark aspects of yourself into the light.


The dark side can hinder you from your true destiny because at times it can persuade you to continue negative behaviors or patterns even when you have made a conscious choice to be positive and full of light. The shadow side of your energies, can be healed and this allows the positive and free flowing vibrant energy to shine through!


The Archangels will assist with this session. The Archangels are high vibrating beings of Light who have functions that help support us in our lives. Here is a list of the Archangels that will be assisting and each of their functions for this session.


Archangel Gabriel will help you out of your darkness and step fully into your life purpose.

Archangel Jeremiel will help You see and understand your life patterns.

Archangel Haniel will help shine light on your dark spots and help you see the beauty of You, helping you appreciate yourself in your perfection just as You are.

Archangel Michael will eliminate any fears You’ve been holding.

Archangel Raphael brings healing to the shadow self as well as all aspects of your life bringing truth and guidance.

Archangel Zadkiel will assist you in releasing judgment and brings forgiveness of self and others.

Archangel Chamuel brings you feelings of peace and love and will help you see yourself and love yourself unconditionally.


Collectively the Archangels allow the dark side.shadow side to be free to choose its own path without interfering with your own positive pathways in life. It is allowed to become free and move to another dimension so this will not affect your decisions and outcomes.

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