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Emotional Balance Stabilization Healing and Clearing Session


Session Duration : 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99

We need to balance forces of pleasure and responsibility, as well as forces of power and love. There is uncertainty in every instance and situation and this session will assist in emotional balance and helping you to detach from complete control as well as from the struggles and troubles that arise. The result is emotional balance and also true emotional freedom and peace of mind.


When we hold onto our struggles mentally, all we are left with is worry and distress. In session the energy being stored within from lower natured emotions will be cleared and released so that you stop holding onto struggles mentally.


If you pay close attention, when you think of a joyful thought or memory, you can feel that joy in the body as a sensation. Similarly, if you think of a hurtful thought or a memory that makes you angry, you can feel that hurtful or angry thought in the body. A feeling is the body’s response to a thought or memory…mind thinks the thought or memory, while body feels that thought or memory. Body and mind are linked.

Feelings, or emotions are ideally meant to be “energy in motion” and “emoted” through us. If there have been hurtful emotions in our lifetime that never got a chance to be directly and clearly articulated and expressed due to challenging circumstances, the body and mind system stores these hurtful experiences as “trapped” emotional energy. Over time, this can produce a sort of “pressure cooker” effect in which the energy comes out sideways in the form of symptoms (anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs about ourselves, etc.) If you’re noticing any negative, “stuck” feeling, think of it as your own body/mind asking you to place your attention on the past that you are unconsciously hanging onto, thus negatively influencing your present. Any stuck feeling wants to be noticed so it can be released and healed.


This session releases the energy of self-defeating beliefs and emotions from past experiences that hold a firm grip in the subconscious mind and body. This is essentially the past that is repressed in your body/mind system. Much of the energy of the past (memories, feelings, subconscious beliefs) are stored in the body and can block the energy flow, causing you to literally feel ‘heavier’. In the session, this outdated, limiting energy is tuned into, focused upon and released, being replaced with your own potential that was lost when you took in the hurtful experiences and limiting beliefs. As a result, you feel lighter and empowered. This will allow the “empowered you” to heal and integrate your “past” self, and then create the next grandest version of your highest expression of yourself - and your future. Problems will no longer define or impact you. Your, self-imposed hurdles vanish to make life a smoother, freer, happier journey.


The session works effectively with anxiety or depression issues, or any “stuck” pattern or feeling. It has a lasting effect because it is done at the level of the body, subconscious mind and unconscious mind.


You will receive healing on an energetic level that can shift you into the positive and bring balance and harmony back to these energy patterns! It allows you to take control of your life and emotional side. Emotional areas will be stabilized and balanced in your energetic fields. Once this happens energy can flow as it should so that you have balanced and higher functioning free flow of energy. All areas of emotional imbalance or disrepair will be healed and sealed, corrected. This will restore flow of energy to one of balance bringing your energetic frequencies to a harmonious state once more. This spills into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels so that these are balanced again.

Depending on how deep-rooted or multi-layered your patterns/limiting beliefs, emotional imbalance, will determine whether you need just one or several sessions to feel fully free of them. The session will leave you feeling stronger, lighter, empowered and more whole.




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