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Injustice Flush by Mariah Windsong Flush away energies that block happiness, health, peace! Lift the weight of Injustice!


Founded by Mariah Windsong

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Balance your internal scales, with the Injustice Flush! When you feel that you or others were treated unfairly, you feel injustice.


The Injustice Flush will flush away the energies that block happiness, health and peace. The Injustice Flush provides freedom by lifting away the weight of the injustice so that you can now function and live well. The Injustice Flush™ moves away the energy of being harmed, so that you can feel better.



When you feel injustice, it is in the same band of energies as victim energies are. Those energies close a person in on themselves until they are so in pain that they may lash out at other people. Most of us agree that such actions do not cause others to want to join our cause in a rational, agreement gaining way. Please lift up your thoughts and mind, being willing to let go of any energies of injustice that you may be carrying for yourself or others.


You will be a much more effective advocate, if that is for you to do, when you allow the energies of injustice to flow away. Don’t worry, you won’t forget or not care, you will simply be able to see more positive options

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