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Universes Within Key Awakening - 105 - by Mariah Windsong


Universes Within Key Awakening-3rd Of the 55 Keys

Founder: Mariah Windsong

With your purchase you will receive the distant attunement and a certificate.


The 3RD Of 55 Keys Of Enoch!


Your initiation to Universes Within Key 105 Awakening opens your key to the Galactic Tree of Living Light. This provides you with the proper positioning to enter into Shekhina's Lavooesh Pillar of Light. The Lavooesh quickens your consciousness to be aware of the other dimensions of intelligence which co-exist with Earth dwellers, yet have rarely been seen.


If you are seeking to expand your consciousness and have more direct experiences with Higher Intelligences, receiving key code which allow you to pass from one consciousness time zone to another is very important. This is based on the assertion that Higher Intelligences are separated from our consciousness currently by their consciousness literally existing in a different time zone. Therefore, if you are able to enter that time zone, you are able to encounter them directly and have conscious communication.




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