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Toxic and Toxic Aggressive Energy Clearing Session


Toxic and Toxic Aggressive Energy Clearing Session

Session  Length : 120 Minutes

Regular price 140.00

Our culture is experiencing increasing levels of tension and stress affecting different parts of our body and especially our mind and emotions. The major diseases of our society are disguised symptoms of spiritual pain.


It is obvious we need healing of our soul/spirit. That is just what this healing session provides. It will clear all bodies of toxic and toxic aggressive energy, including the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, etheric, including the aura and chakras, all energy fields. Toxic and Toxic aggressive energy literally consumes your fields of energy and it can run havoc causing major destruction if it spills into areas of your life. Uncleared toxic and toxic aggressive energy can destroy your energy fields and this is why this clearing is so important.


Toxic energy comes in various forms, as it just depends on what it is that you have been exposed to in your daily life. Toxic energy is much more dangerous than negativity. Thus, do not get the two confused. Toxic energy is thicker, denser, heaver and much more destructive than negativity.


In today's hectic society everyone picks up some toxic aggressive energy - at work, in traffic, unhappy relationships - any situation that is overly stressful. Toxic Energy accumulates from family issues, problems with friends, toxic family of origin issues, toxic environments, toxic work related issues and so on.


Toxic energy of any kind, and most especially, Toxic aggressive energy fouls up, slows down or stops the movement of the natural life force and creates stress on a system of the body. Over time this stress causes dysfunction due to our energetic system not being able to naturally dissipate the overload. These blocks may take on a symbolic thought form negatively perceived from our reality, culture, philosophy or education.


Toxic aggressive energy blocks may be present due to spiritual trauma, becoming unconscious from physical accidents or loss of a part of our soul. Those on mood-changing medications or casual experimenters of entheogens/hallucinogens may find they have left themselves open to toxic aggressive energy. And it is possible to pick up toxic spiritual hitchhikers from locations of high stress. Toxic Aggressive energy also manifests when someone has performed black magic, cast spells, ill intentions, curses, hexes, and the like upon you. But, do not worry as this can be energetically cleared. Remember that anything that is placed upon you can also be removed!

You no longer have to carry around Toxic Energy! Heal the Mind-Body-Soul today and be free of toxic contamination once and for all.


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