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Cleansing of the Temple Healing Session- Cleanse Your Inner Temple- The Sacred Space of Your Soul


Cleansing of the Temple Healing Session- Cleanse Your Inner Temple- The Sacred Space of Your Soul

Session Duration : 150  Minutes

Regular Price : 140.00


Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy


The Ascended Master Jesus channels this energy through me to cleanse your temples! Your mind, body and spirit, energy bodies, aura, chakras, heart, all that comprises your ‘temple‘ - the place where the Divine indwells, as your temple is the dwelling place of the Divine, as you are a living tabernacle of the Divine Source. The Cleansing the Temple session cleanses the sacred space of your soul. The power of Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine Source are manifested through me, the energy flows through me, to cleanse and purify you that your joy may be complete. In this way, you are again a living temple of peace and love.


The purpose of this session is to restore your temple to a vessel of love, healing, service, virtue, praise, Godliness and prayer so that you can preserve and cleanse your temple, your inner sacred space, so that your sacred space is sacred!


The energy cleansing clears unhealthy habits, beliefs, behaviors, emotions, thoughts, that do not serve you any longer purging what does not belong. The energy works powerfully to remove any lack of sacred space in your life so that you can reclaim your sacred space. Ascended Master Jesus lends His energy to sweep, cleanse, and toss out anything that is less than love.


During the session many report experiencing a deep and profound healing in such a way that you can love and nurture yourself again and restore the flow of love, abundance and all good things in your life and path. A Higher awareness of the inner source of infinite power, courage, love and compassion will result.


This beautiful energy encourages Godly living and will inspire you to Love Thy Neighbor. It supports you in displaying genuine love and concern for your fellow man.

You will find that you have more patience with people who are difficult to get along with or perhaps different than you in some way.


The Cleansing of the Temple Session will work to clear trauma of any time you were let down by a person that you trusted. Cleansing will take place of memories, traumas, visual images that are painful or unclean so that the mind is purified and renewed.


The energy and flow of this session has been reported as very tranquil, creating an almost hypnotic and peaceful atmosphere around you similar to just sitting by the ocean and observing the beauty and majesty of the landscape all around you. Its power will take you to a very special place in communion with Ascended Master Jesus in His Healing Temple.


Christ will soothe and relax you bringing you love, comfort and embracing joy. Some experience a conversation with Master Jesus, some see an image of His Face, others will feel or sense His Presence, but all will know they have been healed by the Ultimate Healer.


There are several areas of your temple that Ascended Master Christ Jesus lends this energy to use for this session. The Cleansing of the Temple Session will cleanse your entire temple, your inner and outer sacred space. The Cleansing of the Temple Session works on many different levels.


Physical Body


The energy will run to return your physical body to optimum health. This will give your physical body an extra Divine helping hand to bring the body to optimum health. The energy will move through the body like an ethereal herbal cleanser. It will connect you to the Divine’s grace as bread from Heaven to nourish and feed you.


The Mind


The energy will clear and cleanse the mind so that all that causes limitations in thinking is washed away. You will be strengthened by the renewal of your mind.

As a result you will experience many benefits.

Here are a few.

Development of the art of listening to your intuition

Become more tandem with your free mind

Receive messages from the subconscious mind

Hear the Still Small Voice of the Divine

Notice when your intuition is sparked

Enhanced ability to quiet the mind

Condition the mind to listen

Sense energy on a subconscious level

Experience deeper states of meditation

Be taken into infinite dimensions of consciousness


The Spirit


As the Universal Power of Christ flows through your spirit in this session, beliefs which do not serve you any longer and the tendency to honor them will leave you. This Cosmic Cleansing will work on your consciousness and awareness so that you see that you are a part of the Universal Cosmic Energies. Ascended Master Jesus will take you into Healing Temple where you will experience a calm, accepting and spacious awareness of your Core, True, Divine Self in Union with Christ and the Divine and encounter the Divine in your inner being.


The Heart

During the Cleansing your heart will be purified and cleansed so that you are able to attain higher and more Divine/Godly attitudes and attributes. Ascended Master Jesus will fill the heart with loving light. This light will enter like the rising sun and your heart will radiate love and you will be purified able to experience pure and holy communion with the Divine Source.


Chakra System and Aura


The energy will move through the Chakra system, and the energy field that surrounds you, your Aura. This is both an inner and outer cleansing. Anything that is not functioning as it should will be restored to its proper function. Any holes in the Aura will be repaired. Ascended Master Jesus’ energy will work in and through the energy systems, inwardly and outwardly so that your energy bodies and chakras are in pristine health. This energetic lift from Master Jesus will assure that you are clear, cleansed, and balanced energetically.


Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy


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