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The Armor of God Activations -FULL Protection Healing and Clearing Sessions Package- Be protected by the Full Armor of God! PLUS BOGO

$299.99 $1,000.00

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Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy
The Armor of God Activations Healing and Clearing Sessions Package provides for you multiple layers of God’s protection against darkness in all forms. In session, I will activate the Full Armor of God on your behalf. The Armor of God includes essential weapons to fight evil.
There are 7 Healing and Clearing Activations included in the package which comprise and activate the full Armor of God. Each session is 120 Minutes.

The Sword of the Spirit Activation Healing and Clearing Session
The Helmet of Salvation Activation Healing and Clearing Session
The Breastplate of Righteousness Activation Healing and Clearing Session
The Belt of Truth Activation Healing and Clearing Session
The Shield of Faith Activation Healing and Clearing Session
The Foot Shod Gospel of Peace Preparation Activation Healing and Clearing Session.
Full Activation of the Armor of God Session

The energy activated on your behalf will strengthen you and prepare you for attacks from the powers of darkness as it is infused with the Spirit and Power of God so that you are able to battle in a mighty way.

As you are clothed with the Armor of God you are able to withstand incredible pressures and not be defeated. You can stand up against everything that is thrown at you and emerge victorious. It is a Divine and unbeatable Armor.

The Armor of God Activations Clearing and Healing Sessions will allow you to reflect the brightness of God’s love and glory, likeness. The energy enables you to sustain the Power and Strength God lends to you through the energy work to protect you completely from the powers of darkness and evil. It is a connection and link to the Supreme Power of God to defend and battle the evil forces. The ability to be in control of yourself in all circumstances will be activated so that you can be victorious over any attack.

The energy channeled during these sessions promotes reconciliation, peace, righteousness, forgiveness, pardon, faithfulness, patience, perseverance, compassion, and many other Divine qualities and attributes. It will cleanse you of any negative energy, false truth held, deception/lie of the dark forces. As well it will heal you of any emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, issue caused from previous attacks of the dark forces. Healing will be given for damage done by previous attacks. It will shield you from future attack.

The Armor of God Activations Healing and Clearing Sessions are designed to enable you to be the servant, disciple, apostle of light you are meant to be so that you serve in the capacity you are meant to serve without any interference, intrusion or attack from evil forces. Thus, you will be able to rule your life like the King Heir of God’s Kingdom you are meant to be.

The Armor of God Healing and Clearing Protection Sessions provide protection against the destruction of your mind, body, spirit, soul, etheric bodies, any aspect of yourself or life that the evil ones would attack. Activation empowers the complete Armor of God and enhanced, advanced ability to use it so that you are prepared for spiritual combat and given strength and courage to keep your post, stand your ground, and continue the station you are placed.

There is much Divine power and authority given through these activations in session - over the enemies of darkness. As well, the energy will bring forward, Divine presence, summoning, Divine and Holy Angels to come forward as your personal Army of Angels to serve as body guards and defenders against the evil ones.

Many report these series of sessions inspire prayer, meditation, praise, thanksgiving, and a closer and more intimate relationship with God. Spiritual gifts are empowered ten fold. Prophet abilities, psychic gifts, healing miracles, supernatural healing, deep discernment, great wisdom will begin coming forth for you. It gives alertness to dark enemies of all forms, wisdom and discernment to guard against deception. It shields and protects you against dark forces and crushes the enemies. It is indeed a strong weapon of defense against the forces of evil.

The energy will inspire you to do mightier works in your spiritual life and work. Ascended Master Jesus also lends his power, energy, authority, through the Activations as well. Therefore, you will be filled with Christ’s Spirit, the prophet of all prophets, thus spiritual gifts and abilities will be empowered, amplified, magnified and strengthened greatly allowing you to perform your duties as a Servant of the Divine mightily. It works to prevent delays that hinder your spiritual work, spiritual growth or service to others.

These sessions are also useful for those who suffer unusual or repeated negative habits, patterns, temptations, addictions, behaviors, self sabotaging behaviors, negative thoughts.
This session is designed to prepare you so that you are ready every moment to move ahead, proceeding in your walk in the ways of God so that you have an active lifestyle that is in alignment with Godly living.

As well the session’s energy enables you to walk through wars with darkness without fear enhancing your ability to endure criticism and persecution, do spiritual warfare and continue ascension process, prepare for ascension, giving firmness and solidarity to trust in God’s ability to protect and defend you. As well, many report the energy brings peace, security, safety and protection, prompting peaceable tempers and behaviors, peace to mind when distressed, bringing out love and compassion in all dealings. It supports you in situations when you need a direct way to peace, to bring peace to strife, quarrels.
As far as the protection aspect of the session….Who or What does the Armor of God Protect Us Against?

The Armor of God Activations are given from the Divine Source - God - as protection against all that seek to destroy your soul - the spiritual forces behind such things as lust, pride, anger, jealousy, deceit, murder, and much more evil doings.

This includes:

Powers of darkness, armies of darkness, entities, evil ones, evil entities, evil spirits, evil dark forces, demonic entities, demonic forces, fallen angels, lower elementals, hostile entities, ghosts, invasive entities, dark enemies, rulers of darkness, spiritual foes, forces that oppose the light, spiritual forces of evil, principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness, and their deceptions, schemes and attacks.
What type of Attacks Does the Armor of God Protect Us Against?
The Armor of God prevents many attacks of the evil ones/evil entities/evil spirits/evil dark forces/demonic entities/demonic forces/fallen angels/lower elementals/hostile entities/ghosts/invasive entities.
Some of which are:
Rape/Sexual Attack/Trauma
Bad Luck
Odd Events
Decline in Health/Attacks against physical health
Depletion of Life Force
Random Negative/Evil Thoughts
Pressure in the Chest
Weather Attacks
Vehicle Complications/Accidents
Mind or Body Control
Possession/Oppression of mind or body
Mental Illness/Nervous Breakdown/Sanity/Emotional Instability/Emotional Insecurity/Paranoia
Psychological/Emotional/Mental/Physical/ Spiritual/Sexual Attack
Leaks/Wholes in Aura
Ill Wishes/Curses
Negative relationships
Bad luck
Ethereal Attacks
Unwanted Negative Energies
Entity Attack
Demonic Attack
Attacks against our social life and status
Attacks of our home/work/social function
Attacks of our well being
Attacks against our physical, social, emotional, intellectual selves
Attacks against our metaphysical bodies
Viruses of the soul
Inducements to doubt God’s help, protection, existence
Circumstances that produce unusual pressure, stress
Temptations to do things that have troubled you before
Prolonged bouts of discouragement
Worries that consume you
Seductive appeals that compromise your personal morals/values
Bitterness towards others
Delays that hinder your spiritual growth or service life
Sudden Desires to give up progress towards holiness, godliness, godly living
Excuses for lack of spiritual growth
Critical thinking about other light workers, healers, ministers, teachers, priests, etc.
And more

This package does not include a healing report. Should you like a healing report, the fee is 49.99. Please indicate if you would like one or not and if so a paypal invoice will be sent to you after your purchase of this package.

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