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Through the Fire Healing and Clearing Session -Strength in Weakness, Clarity in Confusion, Peace in frustration, Protection from the Flames


Session Duration : 120 Minutes

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Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

Through the Fire Healing and Clearing Session
What does Through the Fire Mean?

Going through the Fire means going through hard times, facing adversity, trials, struggles. These difficulties represent the ‘fire’ in your life.

About the Through the Fire Healing and Clearing Session
Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine lend the powerful energy of the Through the Fire Session to give strength in time of weakness, clarity in time of confusion, and peace in time of frustration, and protection from the flames of the ‘fire’ in your life.

The Through the Fire Session is designed to strengthen you for any trial or struggle you face or are currently facing. Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine Source’s energies are infused within the energy of this session. The energy will strengthen you for any type of attack, problem, adversity, trial, struggle, in such a way that the power, strength and grace needed to cope and overcome it, no matter what it is will be within you.

When you go through a ‘fire’ in life, a hard time, a trial, an adversity, a tribulation, a difficulty the energy enables those ‘fires’ to refine you! The energy of the Divine Source, the true Refiner, will flow through me and lift you up so that you are refined, strengthened, peaceful, protected, purified, shielded, through the ‘fire’ or fires in your life. As a result, you are refined, like Gold, becoming the Gold, a brilliant precious, strong, child of the Divine, unable to be consumed by the fire, but refined by it.

Anything that has tarnished your heart, will be purified and transformed so that your emotional, spiritual and physical life is turned to the Purest Gold. You will be refined through the fire, made into the Purest Gold. Impurities will be released, and flaws and imperfections will no longer be able to stay.

It is Through the Fire that your character is then refined so that the radiance of Divine Love may be reflected, so that you reflect Divine Character, Divine Love. The heating pressure if you will is simply the refining process. However, during this process, faith and a peace that surpasses all understanding, will come over you, so that you remember that you are being blessed through the fire. What you may have initially felt too much to bear is then bearable because you know that there is indeed victory and blessing forthcoming.

Withstanding the ‘heat’ of the ‘fire’ and knowing that Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine are with you, through the fire, strengthens your faith and faith develops perseverance.

In this session the energy transmitted to you through me, will burn out anything that keeps you from being a reflection of His character, His love. The energy  will refine you and take it out - whatever impurity it is.

The energy works to heighten your sensitivity to persons whom you come into contact with that are hurting and in need of encouragement so that you become more Christ like, and more transparent in your own spirit, more like refined Gold, thus able to share the Earth’s precious metal, and the refinement of your life with them.

This is like taking a piece of your heart and wrapping it with Christ’s bright love, pure shining and bright, like pure gold and giving it to your fellow. In essence, taking a piece of you, the newness, goodness, that has been revealed in you through this energy transmission and sharing it with them, giving them the desire for purity, and the encouragement to withstand the ‘fire’ in their lives.

In session you are connected to the protection and power of the Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine. Thus, you will be shielded from the flames of the ‘fire’ and will not be burned. This supports you as you undergo difficulties in such a way that you will come out victorious, the winner!

The energy works to release fear, sorrow, confusion, worry, stress, anxiety about how things will turn out thus helping you to get through this season even if it seems as if you cannot get through the clouds of darkness around you.

The energy of this session will bring you strength and courage, peace and calm, so that you can stand upright and not panic knowing that you do not walk through the flames alone, for the Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine will accompany you. Most will feel the Divine Presence of Christ and The Divine Source, and connect to Their comfort.
This allows you to strive through the fire! The energy helps you to remember during difficulties that they are only temporary and that you have been through the fire before and will certainly get through the fire again.

Often those in spiritual positions like light workers, healers, spiritual teachers, reiki teachers, ministers, reverends, channelers, will be attacked and persecuted. If you are in such a position you will spend time in the ‘fire’. The Through the Fire session is very helpful for protection from this activity, attack, and or if you are being attacked to protect, shield, defend you against persecution or attack of any kind.

The energy is helpful in situations like breaking negative, old, habits, friendships, memories, cigarettes, drinking, pornography, overeating, gambling and any other unhealthy or toxic habits, hang ups, situations or relationships, as it will refine and purge you so that you reflect Divine Character and Love.

Burn the dross from your life with the Through the Fire Healing and Clearing Session!
Strive through the Fire!

When you make your purchase, please email whatever situation(s) you are facing currently. Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

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