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Angelic Rebirthing Session


Session Duration: 120 Minutes

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Can you imagine actually clearing your emotional issues and not feeling the pain and weight of these situations anymore? This is an amazing session that brings joy, release, freedom and renewed energy and strength. The energy work on an emotional level is dynamic, powerful!


This session is for you if you can answer yes to even one of the following questions:


Do you feel like life and joy is passing you by, that you can’t have what you want, that you are not attractive enough, not smart enough, that you don’t have enough self-confidence?

Do you have low self-esteem?

Are you always in relationships where you are the caretaker, where you are emotionally hungry, where you fall a victim of manipulation, where you don’t ask for and don’t receive what you need?

Do you feel like you have a weight on your chest, a hole in your stomach?

Do you over-eat just so that you can feel safe?

Throughout time very few people have been conceived in pure, unconditional, Divine love. Whatever occurred during your conception, the gestation period and the birthing process still have a huge impact on how you experience life and filter your reality.


In the Angelic Rebirthing Session Angels will assist you in rescripting your birth. During this rebirthing session your script will be re-done (re-birthed) to include one of love, harmony, and security. Throughout the conception, gestation period and birthing process, all of these areas have a huge impact on how you experience life and reality, and when you first come into this world many of these scripts do not include ones of love, harmony, and security.


This will be corrected for you in this session, completed on an energetic level. Generally two Angels will come forward and wrap themselves around the conception and stay with the fetus throughout the conception process holding you in a place of total and complete peace, serenity and utter safety while shielding and protecting you from any fears, worries, concerns, less than love thoughts, words that crossed through you from the environment outside of the womb. A Majestic Angel, typically, one of the Archangels, will assist you in by being your birth angel that gently removes you from the energetic womb. When your birth angel or Archangel removes you from the womb that you will be immediately anchored to Essence of Your God Self in your heart chakra.


The Angelic Rebirthing Session gives the opportunity to clear and let go deep down on this emotional level. Fear, panic, stress, anger, depression, blocks, childhood trauma can all be cleared and dealt with thoroughly, easily and at the root.


It is important to note that Rebirthing has nothing to do with re-living your birth experience but rather has to do with emotional cleansing. Rebirthing means letting go of anything old and anything you no longer need and bringing into your life all of the new and the good and the positive. Indeed, it is all about being reborn, finding once again joy and enthusiasm for life and coming into contact with the strength you have inside of you already.

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