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Spiriutal Obtrusion/Intrusion Clearing Session - Restore to a condition of Harmony and Well Being Today!



Session Duration : 120 Minutes

Regular price 140.00

When a person has lost spiritual power the boundaries of the body become weak and in that state it is possible for spiritual obtrusion or intrusions or energy intrusions or spiritual baggage, to invade and penetrate the weakened body. Energy intrusions can more accurately be viewed as energy that is misplaced i.e. energy in the wrong place. These often manifest in localized pains, aches, illnesses and disease. These are energy intrusions. Spiritual intrusions are basically issues that do not belong to us given to us from others. They can also be blockages we have created because we have not addressed negative thoughts, and or intense or overwhelming emotions.

 This session is designed to extract spiritual intrusions or energy intrusions. This session is not geared to remove possessions, that is to say, possessions of a person's body by a disembodied / disincarnate soul that has failed to cross over after death. This is an extreme form of intrusion and requires a more in depth process for extraction.

 When the boundaries of the body are weak, which can happen for a variety of reasons, but primarily as a result of either loss of spiritual power or soul loss or both, any other energy form can invade the body. These spirit intrusions / energy intrusions / non-ordinary intrusions (henceforth referred to as energy intrusions) obviously have enough power to intrude into a person's body.

 A more appropriate way to view energy intrusions is to look at them as misplaced energy. There is no good energy or bad energy. Energy is just energy – it is either in the right place or it is in the wrong place. Energy in the wrong place is an intrusion and causes disharmony in the body. In this session the energy is moved to its right place and thereby restores a condition of harmony and well being. The extraction of these energies is an advanced healing process and practice.

 All misplaced energy generated from within or coming from outside the body will be removed. The world is full of psychic debris and pollution. Spiritual intrusions can be thought of as negative spiritual energy lodged in your system. It's important to know that spiritual intrusions can be self-generated when you keep thinking something negative about yourself. When you do this you are in effect launching a negative energy attack on yourself that makes the situation harder (and harder and harder) to undo. Spiritual intrusion can also be caused by negative energy ~ thought forms ~ being sent to you by someone who is angry with you by example. It can also be caused by harboring anger towards another person. In both cases this anger is stored as negative energy and this energy intrusion can then be transferred from you to others continuing a terrible cycle of energy intrusions. 

In this session, the intrusions are removed and neutralized. Psychic shielding is given to prevent you from future spiritual intrusions.


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