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Scarcity and Lack Consciousness Clearing Session - Create an Abundant World for Yourself Today!


Lack, Limitation, Scarcity, Poverty Consciousness Clearing

Session Duration : 90 Minutes

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Lack, limitation, scarcity, poverty is often programmed into your consciousness from the moment you are born and re-enforced continuously throughout your life experiences . In this session the body, mind, heart and soul is detoxified from this. As a result when you act upon your thoughts they will no longer be lack, scarcity based thoughts. This enables you to avoid bringing those negative thoughts and beliefs into your daily life experiences. You will then be able to spend energy on abundant thoughts. The lack, scarcity, limitation, poverty consciousness will no longer restrict your freedom. Your mind will no longer be cluttered by imagined limits. As these are released and removed you are able to create an abundant world for yourself.

 Symptoms of Lack Consciousness include but are not limited to: feelings of stress and overwhelm, tiredness, low energy, confusion, lack of focus, negativity, hopelessness, frustration, feeling stuck, lack of momentum and loss of confidence.

 Operating from lack and or limitation consciousness is not limited to the ‘poor’. Many persons with an abundance of wealth operate from this place of consciousness too by fearing loss of their wealth, or fear of being taken advantage of, fear that people only love them for their wealth, and the like. These are symptoms of lack, limitation, scarcity, poverty consciousness. It can also show up in other areas because at the core is fear or lack of trust in the abundant flow of energy.

 This session is designed to rid, detox, clear, remove lack, limitation, scarcity and poverty consciousness, and associated fear, worry, doubt and replace it with divine trust in the abundant flow of prosperity of all of the tangible and intangible joys of human living.

 Allow yourself to be catapulted to the next level of achieving your fullest potential by releasing the lack consciousness that is holding you back. Everything is energy. When the old consciousness that you are carrying around is released your energy can be applied in a constructive way to build a consciousness of success from within.

 Some of the many benefits of this work is increased vitality and energy, focus, confidence and optimism. Removing this old negative programming and consciousness helps you attract the things you want. With all this negative energy clutter, there is no space for your intentions and goals to manifest themselves.

 Improve your life, and create a magnetic attraction that brings your goals to life with this powerful clearing.


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