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Divine Mother Healing Empowerments - NEW from Masters Healing Light Academy


Divine Mother Healing Empowerments -  from Masters Healing Light Academy.

Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

This system is not eligible for any buy one get one free offers, discounts, or sales. It should never be exchanged, traded or gifted. It may not be included in any packages. The set price is 140.00.

The Divine Mother Healing Empowerments include 6 empowerments, the Mother Mary Empowerment, the Mary Magdalene Empowerment, the Kuan Yin Empowerment, the Lady Portia Empowerment,  the Lady Nada Empowerment and the Divine Mother Healing Empowerment.

Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

The energy pf the Divine Mother Healing Empowerments is lent to us from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Lady Portia and Lady Nada, in their highest compassion and love for humanity. Receiving this energy is indeed a most blessed, sacred, peaceful, loving and powerful experience. It offers the most profound healing to all those who receive it as the Divine Mother’s collectively minister to you in the areas where you most need healing, wherever it is that that healing is needed, whether it is mind, body, soul or spirit. During these attunement ceremonies the Divine Mother's will unfold their Mother light in the pink petals of the rose of each of their hearts comforting you and showering you with Motherly love and nurturance of mind, body and spirit.

Their pristine healing light will nurture your spirit, your very soul, the core of your being, as well as your inner child. The light of these loving Divine Mother’s will clothe you in Divine Motherly Love allowing your heart to blaze forth with Christ light as their unconditional love, compassion, peace, is poured upon you. They will hold you most close to their hearts in Divine Love and Service helping you to anchor more light and love from the Divine Heart as well as healing the wounded aspects of your soul. You can feel their presence as you receive the energy, feel the comfort, experience the etheric wiping away of any tears and cleansing any sorrow held within you. You will certainly feel their comforting, ministering, healing, presence.

Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Lady Portia and Lady Nada lend you their energies and strengths to stand firm, facing and conquering any current difficulties you are facing. If you are facing a difficult season to your soul the Holy Mother’s energies will help you to endure this season giving you strength and courage needed, assisting you in coping in ways that serve your Highest Good and bringing you peace at the same time.

They will assist you in the transmuting of karma, raising your consciousness, removing fear and doubt, releasing the cosmic Mother flow of Love for healing on all levels. The Divine Mother’s will remind you that you are indeed Divine helping you to love and accept yourself unconditionally as they love you.

The altar of your heart will be cleared. The Divine Heart within you will be magnified through working with this energy. Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Lady Portia and Lady Nada will caress your heart expanding the Love of the Divine within you. These beautiful Divine Mother’s aggregate Divine Light will flow into your being expanding the center of your heart, the core of your heart, the heart chakra, and all its many, many chambers releasing any less than love energies, cleansing, clearing and balancing the heart chakra. It will also support heart health.

The Four lower bodies will be balanced making all things right in Divine love.  The mind will be cleared and renewed. Fears of gloom and doom will be released. Healing on all levels will be given.

These beautiful Empowerments provide any type of protection needed. Some examples are listed below. However, know that you may activate the energy for any type of protection needed.

Attacks from Deceivers/Enemies/Evil Persons
Aggressive persons
Evil of any kind
Invasion of foreign enemies
Overwhelming/Negative/Evil Forces
Harsh/Catastrophic Weather Conditions/Natural Disaster
Enemies of your soul
The Evil One
Illness/Disease/Health Crisis
Negativity/Negative Energy
Entities/Evil Ones
Any type of harm
Financial Destruction/Bankruptcy
Difficult times
Discouragement/Despair/Hopelessness/Powe rlessness
Danger of any kind
Mind Control

There are so many, many uses for this system. Here are some examples of times when the energy is particularly helpful.

Activate this energy when you are in need of:

Relief from Anger, Resentments, Bitterness
Increased patience or any other virtue
Protection during trials
Protection of any kind - home, marriage, auto, travels, children, family, spouse, work place
Immediate Help during a crying time
Personal power/bravery/courage
Defensive Strength/Strength of any kind
Help in times of transformation or great change
Assistance in releasing unwanted unhealthy habits
Critical Needs
Blessings of any kind
Abundance/Financial Security
Special attention and assistance
Financial blessings/needs
Discernment of any kind
Dire need of assistance
Strengthen anything- marriage/relationship/family/home/faith
Stronger faith
Clarity about your life purpose
Support/Care/Response to problems
Urgent needs of any kind
Special Favor(s)
Maternal Love/Comfort/Protection
Good things
Any need- necessity
Blockage removals of any kind
Removal of negative karma, disease, transmutation of karma, release of memories of negative karma
Increase Love Vibrations
Release painful memories
Healing of Old hurts and wounds, childhood trauma
Renewal of the Mind
Dissolve negativity/negative energy, impurities, stagnant/toxic energy
Removal of Negative, False, Limiting Beliefs
Release of unwanted/intrusive energy and emotions
Anchor and Hold More Light

There is no limitation on its uses. Therefore, use your imagination. Listen to your intuition. Follow your heart. Allow the Divine Mothers to guide and inspire you. See what the energy can do for you. There are no limitations! This system provides so much MORE! The energies are amazing!

 COMPASSION AND LOVE IS HEALING. Experience the Love of the Divine Mothers today! Share this love and compassion with All and draw more love and compassion within you that you can give away creating a new cycle of Motherly Love to all of Humanity.

Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

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