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Grid Repair, Clearing, Cleansing and Healing Session


Grid Clearing, Cleansing, Healing Session

120 Minute Session Duration

Regular price 99.99


Within the energetic fields there are energy patterns and grids. In relationship to this session we will be working with the main basic grids which are the Spiritual Grid, the Physical Grid, the Emotional Grid and the Mental grid.

Each one of the grids hold issues for that plane. The Spiritual Grid is associated with spiritual issues such as spiritual gifts, connecting with your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, Authentic Self, and the like. The Physical Grid deals with health issues/problems, diseases, physical pain/ailments, and or any physical issues that you have that are in need of healing.

The Mental Grid is associated with all mental issues in need of healing from focus and concentration, to positive/attitude/mind set, calming the mind, renewing the mind, mental phobias/fears/disorders and or any other area of mental issues with which you may be facing. The emotional grid deals with emotions whether these are positive or negative ones restoring balance and stability to the emotions, assisting you in controlling emotions, releasing negative emotions, and helping you to stay positive in feeling.

 In the Grid Repair Clearing and Cleansing session the energy blockages, stagnant energy, negative energy, within these grid lines, will be removed completely restoring balance and harmony.

Any leakages will be repaired. Any other issues will be corrected. All four grids will be given a throughout cleansing and healing of all issues present.

 Protection will be given to avoid these issues in the future within the four main basic grids - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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