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Breaking Patterns Session - Enjoy Greater Health, Abundance and Happiness!


Breaking Patterns Session - Enjoy Greater Health, Happiness and Abundance

Session Duration: 120 Minutes

Regular price 140.00


The Breaking Patterns Session can therapeutically and holistically help children, adolescents and adults with many patterns that arise from conditions including but not limited to:


Fear of intimacy/connection/Emotional guardedness

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Emotional Mental issues/concerns

Chronic pain/illness

Environmental toxicity

Toxic Relationships



Self Sabotage/Self Defeating thoughts, behaviors

Austism/ADD/ADHD/Aspergers/PTSD/Trauma Recovery

Limiting Thoughts/Behaviors


Some of the benefits of this session include:


Let go of the negative patterns you no longer need

Spiral up to higher state of energy and new possibilities

Anchor new ways of thinking, feeling and doing

Greater Health, Happiness and Abundance

Regain your natural state of vitality, hope and joy

Feel calmer, lighter and able to handle challenges with self-confidence

Remove patterns that drive your negative habits and reactions


This session is designed to clear away any old blocking patterns, that is to say, break these patterns, remove these patterns in your life that are not working for you. It is recommended for any issue in your life, on any level, where there are repetitive negative patterns appearing. Energetic blocks will be removed in the mind, body, spirit system so that the life energy can flow freely in your system eliminating all disease in all aspects of your life which will transform your life for the better.


When you have a repetitive pattern in your life the energy fields adopt to these patterns and it becomes a vicious cycle. You are taking a look at this session because you are seeing some patterns repeating themselves in your life and want to change them. Know that this is possible to cure on an energetic level.


Breaking these patterns, is called re-patterning. What happens is that in session a connection is made on the energetic level. A scan is done for these patterns that are repeating over and over again in your energy fields. As these are discovered within your energy fields they are removed completely!!!!!!!!!!!


The areas that have been damaged due to these patterns are healed. The areas where these patterns reside within your energy field will be filled with white light, universal divine source energy filling that void completely. Everyone’s session is different depending on the patterns and issues present during the session.







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