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Deep Fear Removal Session - Set Yourself FREE!


Session Duration 90 minutes

Reg price 99.99


Release the deeply embedded fears that are causing a restriction of flow or energy. This allows freedom of movement returning you to a state of harmony. Set Your Self FREE!


Possible Benefits to a Session include:

Release Physical Pain

Release Grief

Release Fear & Anxiety

Awaken Spiritual Gifts

Find Your Purpose

Access Your Inner Wisdom

  Recover Personal Power

  Find Inspiration & Creativity

Create Healthy Relationships

Receive Clarity on Life Situations

  Get Grounded & Clear Energy Breakthrough of Old Patterns

  Heal Physical & Emotional Trauma

  Find Inner Peace, Love & Joy

  Release Addictive Patterns

Find Courage to Embrace Love


The heart center will be opened, activated, cleared, cleansed and any blocked energy channels will be opened. In the session you may be supplied with energy, or energy may be removed, depending on what is needed. Unconscious negative, false beliefs and or buried emotions causing energetic disturbances to your energy field will be removed. supplying or removing energy, using various sounds and merging in consciousness. During the merging she can bring up unconscious beliefs and/or buried emotions that are creating energetic disturbances in the client’s energy field. Negative, unacknowledged feelings, repressed, unwanted, unneeded, feelings, emotions, defenses, will be gently released. Harmony will be restored energetically and through all levels of your being. This will open you to higher energy, release old behavior patterns and relieve you from emotional and or physical pain. Often Spiritual Gifts awaken or an understanding of one’s higher purpose comes to the surface bringing inner joy, peace and feelings of fulfillment.


If fear is controlling your life then this session is for you. Fears create energetic disturbances within your energy frequencies and cause negative issues, stagnant energy, and other problems. Therefore it is important to remove these at the energetic level so that they can be eliminated completely from your life.

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