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Soul Mate Relationship Clearing and Preparation Session - Clear Blockages and Resistance to Love!


Session Duration : 90 Minutes

Regular Price 99.99


This session will help you with the following and so much more!


Awaken Self Love, Improve Self Esteem, Clear Blockages and resistances to love, remove negative influences from your energy field, create a beacon of energy that radiates outwardly giving you power and courage to reach out to others and also having an attracting power to attract others to you.


Powerful energy will be placed in your energy field to help you recognize and embrace your perfect partner. Fears about love will be released so you have the courage to embrace your soul mate rather than run from love or hide from love. Blockages to love will be gentle released so that you are prepared for your soul mate relationship.


In session the blocks, limitations, issues, to receiving love will be released. Any subconscious thoughts that are holding you back will be released. Old relationship blocks will be removed.


If you are tired or being alone and or tried to find love but always attract the wrong person or if you have found someone special but are afraid of moving forward then this session is just for you. If you are blocked on finding love, or having difficulty in a present relationship or in embracing one, this session is designed to help clear up those love issues. Blocks to attracting love from childhood issues, trauma, or a heart break in past relationships will be released. Worthiness issues, fears of intimacy, fears of vulnerability will be released and or healed so that these do not serve as a block to love.

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