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Reconnection to the Source Healing Session


Reconnection to the Source Healing Session

Duration 90 Minutes

Regular price 99.99

The Divine Source is where our real true identity comes from. It is the home of the Creator of all Life who is indestructible (doesn't corrupt or die), and is in perfect health at all times. All blessing and healing comes from the Divine Source.

 It is the Source of the very flow of our life force energy, it fuels our every breath and heart beat, it is the fundamental abundant current of energy, the Universal Love itself, from which all bodies and all our experiences get their form.

When we are connected to Source, we feel wonderful, we love our life, everything is going our way, we have good relationships, good luck and feel grateful and blessed, and we succeed in what we set out to do.

Lack of connection to this Personal Source of Power makes us feel bad, stuck, negative, at odds with people and our environment. We may feel that we're not moving forward or growing. You may feel helpless, worthless, apathetic, remote, like you're living outside of yourself, and are not living from your passion, not fulfilling your destiny, you may be seeing events in your life as if through a veil or glass wall.

As part of the Reconnection to Source Session you will be assisted in reconnecting with Your Spiritual Support Group as well, which we all have! Some people think God/The Divine/the Creator never talks to them or that they don't have guardian Angels. That is never true. Most people have 1-4 Guardian Angels! And God is ALWAYS talking to you.

You will be reconnected with your Holy Guardian Angels, and with Christ Consciousness. You be reconnected to your Higher Self so that you can hear the Higher Self at all times. And you will reconnected with all of your helping compassionate spirits, like the Guardian Angels, Spirit guides, power animals, your Inner Teachers, the Ascended Masters and Archangels who are assisting you and giving you guidance, your God, and your real inner self.

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