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Golden Ankh by Carol Ann Tessier - Mysteries of Isis and Osiris Sequence


The Golden Ankh Initiation, Founded by Carol Ann Tessier

With your purchase you will receive the attunement, manual and distant attunement.

This initiation empowers you to do the Golden Ankh Meditation, a meditation that is one of the standard practices in both components of the Khu School, namely the Mysteries of Isis sequence and the Mysteries of Osiris sequence. This meditation was one of the most popular in the ancient Egyptian teachings, appearing in most of the schools. Each lesson of the Khu sequence contains an initiation which makes the Golden Ankh Meditation even more powerful. 

This initiation empowers you to do the meditation. The initiation gives you the ability to empower others to do the meditation. Anyone who wishes to receive the initiation should call upon Isis and Osiris, and then ask their higher self to give it to them.

Please note that it is the shakti, or spiritual energy, conveyed by the initiation which gives this meditation its transformative power; without the shakti the meditation is simply another visualization and lacks the power given to it by the shakti.

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