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Lama Fera Healing by Jose Marinho - Increase Spiritual Abilities, Improve Meditation, Relieve pain/discomfort, unwanted spirits, cleanse buildings


Founder Jose Marinho de Santos

Lama Fera is a powerful energy healing system which has been practised by Tibetan Lamas for many hundreds of years. The word "lama" means "teacher and equals the Sanskrit word "guru". The word "fera" means "round", or more specifically around (the body). The Universal Life Force energy, which in Lama Fera emanates from Lord Gautama Buddha, is channelled through the healer and directed towards dis-ease through the use of symbols drawn with a crystal wand.

The system can help increase spiritual abilities, improve the effectiveness of meditation, relieve pain and discomfort caused by chronic diseases, remove unwanted spirits, cleanse buildings, overcome fear, anxiety, stress and mental tensions, improve memory and visualisation, and assist reconnection with the Higher Self.

Lama Fera Healing is offered in two levels, Practitioner Level and Teacher Level. This healing system is open to anyone - there are no prerequisites, but a basic Reiki training is recommended.

Lama Fera is a very old Tibetan system, which came to the West through the Indian Energy Master Rajeev Wagle in September 2001. We have chosen the slight different name to show that it is not exactly the same system as Lama Fera. The manual has been reworked by Joséand layout by Jens Soeborg. As the origin goes back a long time, we have re-channelled the energy.

Foreword by Jens

Having taken part in two weekend classes by the Tibetan tulku (a lama who has reincarnated as lama several times) Lakha Rimpoche, who just calls himself Lakha Lama - see picture, I will explain a bit about Tibetan healing, before we go to the Lama Fera Healing manual itself.

The word healing does not have one word in Tibetan covering it, but consists of 3 different, who together covers it. In Tibet the healing process is normally divided into 3 parts:

1. ha dub transformation of the mantra-power

2. ge te getting rid of the hindrances (transforming the cause)

3. wan gu initiation (transforming the personality)

The healing has 2 sides:

1. Remove, transform and re-arrive in a new form

2. Collecting and using the energy

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