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Relationship Heart Healing Session -- Transform your Life and Relationships! Clear Karma and Unresolved emotions!


Relationship Heart Healing Session -   Duration 120 Minutes

regular price 140.00


If you are interested in shifting old patterns before entering a new partnership, or healing the one you presently have, or maybe even bringing peace between yourself and another in general, this session will transform your life and relationships!


Clear all your karma and unresolved energies/emotions between yourself and all past partners (previous lives, and genetic lineage clearing included).


If you are wanting to find your divine life partner, or bring harmony within your friendships, family, or past partnerships this session is for you!


If you are feeling like no matter what you do, harmonious relationships, the ‘Divine Union’, always seems to escpate you then this session can assist you in many ways….


* To clear and purify the cords of old relationships, and any present relationship, to unbind their energy from others, and from psychic projections. This is done multi-dimensionally/deeply throughout all, time, space and dimension.

* Release aspects (parts of themselves) of their feminine or masculine ‘core wound’ energy, (their story or belief) that creates difficulty in their personal relationships.

* To forgive indiscretions, and surrender old beliefs and emotions that may block their soul connection in relationship from being based on true love.

* To receive divine assistance with the karma they hold in their relationships and be supported to open their heart, thymus, solar and lunar chakras for intimacy to be deepened, assisting them to release fears or karma held blocking soul intimacy.

* To release their soul’s attachments to concepts or ideals that may block relationships from being experienced from a place of true peace or happiness, through the breaking of ancient agreements.


During the Session the following clearings will take place:


* Clearing psychic energy cords between souls

* Clearing the primary dynamic/karma in an individual creating relationship blockages

* Clearing fear of going to a deeper level of intimacy with another or deeper level of commitment

* Clearing issues with your Father

* Clearing issues with your Mother


Note: It is irrelevant if either of your parents, past partners or other are still here in the physical or not. If there are unresolved issues between yourself and them, in the psychic energy cords between you, they will still affect you today. We simply call on their soul to join us in the session to begin the work, so that these old dynamics no longer play out in your life here, negatively influencing your present relationship status today.

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