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Deep Heart and Soul Wounds Healing Session - Remove resistances to intimacy, love, and relationships, and experience true, romantic intimacy!


Session duration 120 minutes

Regular price 140.00

This session focuses on healing the deeper heart and soul wounds where as relationships are concerned. It will remove resistances to intimacy, love, and relationships developed due to past experiences where you were hurt or disappointed so that you can truly experience true, pure, romantic intimacy, and have a meaningful, romantic relationship.

If you feel fear or threatened by the idea of a romantic relationship this will be released so that this no longer impedes you from moving forward and inviting and accepting love into your life. The energy will work to put you in touch with your sacred humanity which holds the desire for connection, romance, intimacy, sexual union, resonance, companionship, and attraction. Our soul holds a desire for these grounds to feel sacred and connected to our soul calling and purpose for being here. The desire for another soul to mirror your biggest strengths and your most tender struggles will come forward and you will hold a desire for the love to arise in each moment offering a deeper invitation into the ultimate mystery of your beloved’s or potential beloved’s heart, soul, and body - and, in exploration of this dance, to feel the beautiful mystery of yourself unfolding in response to a commitment with another.

 The realities of these dense earth dimensions create a necessary separation that invites us to explore intimacy without the safety of the overriding sense of being One and part of All That Is, even if some souls have some access to these frequencies. This session will awaken you to feel the desires and physical needs of your body and soul; that special “tingle” that only catalyzes in alchemical response to your mate; that chemical reaction that only human bodies can produce in response to the person that is uniquely there to trigger it when the timing is right.

 This session will heal childhood imprints about romantic relationship, marriage, it releases false, limiting or negative messages and conditioning that you received from your parents and your culture. These distorted messages that your defenses and young parts got about relationships could be: You can’t really trust men/women; Love doesn’t really last and, if it does, it can only be a love based on security, boredom, and routine; Sex isn’t supposed to be hot and regular and intense in long-term relationships. In fact, it’s ok if it doesn’t happen for years and years!; You can’t have everything that you want from your relationship, so just settle for what you have; It’s not ok to want more, so you need to stay in the relationship for the sake of your partner/your kids/your mortgage/your assets/your security, etc.

 The session will ignite a new passion, desire, and intimacy that is based in alive frequencies rather than dead ones based in security, familiarity, and routine or fear. You will heal yourself so that you can contribute to a new or existing relationship in an emotionally healthy way.

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