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Twin Flame Deep Insights Email Reading


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In this reading the Higher Beings of Angelic Light will be invoked to receive information regarding your beloved Twin Flame. When you receive this LIGHT awareness, it creates the potentiality and awareness to balance and align your ONE Soul and create the SOUL Dream of reunion that you both share. Gaining these deeper insights allows you to rejoin each other in bliss and harmony, transcended from emotional blockages and limited patterns. Naturally this reading is the key that unlocks the deep questions to the Sacred Twin Flame Reunion, for the understanding of the balance and equilibrium required for Ascension and vibrational SELF Reunion. Now is the time.

The reading will be delivered to your email box.

This reading will answer the following questions:


  • How will I know my twin flame?
  • Will relating with my twin flame be confusing and if so how do I create the required balance?
  • What are my Core Wound(s) for the ultimate healing of our shared Soul?
  • What are my Twin Flame's Core Wound(s) for the ultimate healing of our shared Soul?
  • How can I make sure my Twin Flame does not “Run”?
  • Do I have any emotional blockages for my Twin Flame Reunion?
  • Does my twin flame have any emotional blockages for our Twin Flame Reunion?
  • Are there any patterns that are blocking my path to my twin flame?





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